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Still from the film ‘We Treat Women Too Well’ starring Carmen Machi.

For being a reader of EL PAÍS, get a double entry and enjoy before anyone else We treat women too wella film directed by the winner of three Goya Awards, Clara Bilbaowhich will take place on Wednesday, March 13 at 8:00 p.m. in the Kinépolis Cinemas City of the Image from Madrid.

Remedios Buendía defends her homeland and will fight for it above all. One fateful day in the fall of 1945, a group of maquis on the run have the bad idea of ​​taking over the post office where Remedios, excited, tries on her wedding dress. Today will be the day in which he will demonstrate how far he can go defending his values. And no one can stop it. Not even this battalion of rebels with smoking rifles and raised fists.

The film, directed by the winner of three Goya Awards, Clara Bilbaowill be screened at the Malaga Festival and has a cast led by Carmen Machi and Antonio de la Torre. In addition, it has the participation of Luis Tosar, among others. A complete success that debuts in theaters March 15!