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Promotional poster for the movie ‘Stella’, in theaters on March 15.@Twelve Oaks Pictures

It opens in theaters next March 15 Stella. Victim and guilty, a film that tells the true story of Stella Goldschlag, the Jewish confidant of the Gestapo. As a reader of EL PAÍS, you can see it before anyone else by attending the preview, which will take place on Tuesday March 12 in the Embajadores Río cinemas in Madrid. Participate and get one of the 75 double tickets we have reserved!

About the movie

Stella, a young German Jew, grows up in Berlin during the Nazi regime. Despite all her repressive measures, she dreams of a career as a jazz artist and singer on Broadway. When she is forced to go into hiding in February 1943, her life becomes a tragedy.

Captured and tortured by the Gestapo, she decides to betray her people to save herself and her parents from deportation to Auschwitz, becoming a “Jew hunt.” In a world without rules and immorality, she learns to protect her own interests in pursuit of her own identity.

Stella shows the insidiousness with which the Nazi regime used its victims to exterminate the Jews and makes it tangible through the true story of Stella Goldschlag, nicknamed the blonde poison: the Jewish confidant of the Gestapo. Stella’s character aspires not only to survive the Nazi regime, but also to flourish and prosper.

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