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Luis Zahera and Javier Gutiérrez star in ‘Pájaros’Tomoiala Cristian

for being EL PAÍS readerparticipate in the contest and get a double entry to attend the preview of Birdsa dramatic comedy Pau Durawhich will take place on Tuesday, April 2 at 9:30 p.m. at Cinesa Projections from Madrid. It will be attended by the director and the protagonists!

Colombo works in a garage 24 hours a day and supplements his meager salary by dealing marijuana. Mario, a peculiar guy who is fond of birds, who appears unexpectedly in the garage, hires him as a driver to go to the Costa Brava to see cranes. But when she arrives at his destination, he tells her that the birds have changed their migratory path towards the Danube delta in Romania. Mario needs to get there. And Columbo needs the money. Hiding their true motives, they embark on a journey that will lead them to know themselves better and confront themselves.

Enjoy before anyone else Birdsthe new movie starring Javier Gutiérrez, Luis Zahera and Teresa Saponangelowhich premieres only in theaters April 5.

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