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Official poster for the movie ‘Animal | Human’

For being a reader of EL PAÍS, get a double entry to attend the preview of Animal | Humana movie Alessandro Pugnowhich will take place on Tuesday, April 2 at 8:00 p.m. in the Peace Cinemas from Madrid. It will be attended by the director!

Matteo, a young Italian who dreams of becoming a bullfighter, lives in a small town surrounded by coffins and illness. Far from there, a calf, Fandango, grows up ignoring the purpose for which he was born: to become a fighting bull. Both grow up in completely different worlds, but their lives are reflected in each other until they finally meet: man and animal will face each other in the arena in front of thousands of spectators gathered to attend the eternal ritual.

Animal | Human It is a moving bullfighting story about two rivals destined to face each other in the ring that, through two parallel stories, between fiction and documentary, and the use of bullfighting, manages to be an emotional and personal film that makes us question provocatively what defines the condition of “human” and “animal” and what is the relationship that unites them.

Do not miss Animal | Human a fiction feature film Alessandro Pugnostarring the young talent William Bedward and the renowned Sevillian actor Antonio Dechent, which opens in theaters on April 5.

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