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The incidents caused by groups of radical Athletic fans before and after the Cup match against Atlético de Madrid, and in which several people were injured, most of them followers of the Madrid team, but also a journalist and six members of the Ertzaintza, have led to strong reactions from Atlético, Athletic – which roundly condemned the events – and even several police unions. The most striking statement is that of the visiting club on Thursday in San Mamés, in which it criticizes the security device and announces that it will not sell tickets to Athletic fans for the League match that both teams must play at the Metropolitano on the 33rd. day, with date and time still undetermined.

Atlético indicates that, “the club wants to denounce the poor security operation and the chaos caused by the unacceptable behavior of some radical fans of Athletic Club”, which, “caused high-risk situations, both for athletic fans and for professionals.” of the media and security personnel of both clubs.”

The deployment planned by the police commanders was also criticized by the Ertzaintza Trade Union, formed by the Erne unions – the majority in the Basque Police –, Esain and Sipe, which in a public note stated that, “the device was totally unstructured in the face of a high-risk match.” According to the headquarters, “the mobile brigade did not have its full strength, since there were reaction teams that were not mobilized and were left on standby, without attending the incidents, while the acting teams were overwhelmed.”

They also charge against the radicals, who caused the riots: “The irresponsibility was carried out by some sheep disguised as Athletic fans. Rabble of the same caliber, disguised as followers of the Royal Society, did in the same way. The result in San Sebastián, two ertzainas injured. The result of Bilbao, three injured ertzainas” (which in the end were six).

Atlético denounced that their bus was detained for more than half an hour by security forces. Then he took a strange route to access the field late. Athletic’s team was also directed along an unusual route. Instead of taking the Gran Vía from the Carlton hotel, 700 meters from the field, almost in a straight line, and which was closed to the bus, which caused major traffic jams on the adjacent roads, he changed paths. The Interior had prohibited the reception of fans on that street, and in fact, on the sidewalks – in the rain – only occasional pedestrians circulated, on their way to the field or entering and leaving the shops. However, the bus did not pass there.

It was not easy for the journalists either, who had to wait for half an hour for the Ertzaintza to allow passage through Rafael Moreno “Pichichi” street, which borders San Mamés, at the back of which the ticket office for collecting accreditations is located. . That esplanade between the field and the School of Engineering was open, but until the agents received the order to withdraw, they did not allow passage.

One of the most serious incidents occurred at the popular Farketa restaurant on Rodríguez Arias Street. As its owner, Juan Carlos Gómez, explained to EL PAÍS, a group of Atlético de Madrid fans, who had been in the establishment for quite some time, were attacked by Athletic radicals, some of them hooded. A fan was injured in the head and had to be evacuated to the hospital, where hours later he was discharged. “Some were in the dining room; others eating pinchos at the bar, but they didn’t even drink alcohol, they drank soft drinks,” he says. “They had been there for several hours, because it was raining and it was unpleasant in the street, and one of the radicals saw them from outside and notified others by phone,” says the owner of the establishment. “They entered and began to hit the Atlético fans, threw stools, and did various damage. The fans, very afraid, went to the back. We called the Ertzaintza, but they didn’t come until half an hour later. “They were very scared.”

Juan Carlos Gómez points out that, “the injured man was bleeding a lot, he was a young boy.” The police officers viewed the images from the premises’ security camera and identified some of those responsible for the destruction. “They knew them perfectly, they knew their names and even their addresses, so they are not new to this,” and he concludes: “It is incredible that these things happen, I am a member of Athletic, I plan to go to Seville and I consider myself a normal person, like those who were in the restaurant. “I wouldn’t want to experience something like that.”

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