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200 personas fueron evacuadas de unos 30 edificios cercanos.

200 people were evacuated from about 30 nearby buildings.


Several people are missing after an explosion in Marseille, France, caused the collapse of an apartment building on Sunday.; there are 2 people dead so far.

The explosion occurred shortly after midnight Sunday, reducing the apartment complex on Tivoli St. to burning rubble.

At least 80 people have been evacuated, but rescuers believe up to 10 people are still missing.according to reports CNN.

Rescuers reportedly began pulling people out of the building even as the fire continued.

For his part, BBC announced that 200 people were evacuated from about 30 nearby buildings and 100 firefighters responded to fight the blaze. The cause of the explosion has not been determined.

Benoit Payan, Mayor of Marseille, tweeted that first responders have been on the scene for almost 24 hours.

“Tonight all teams remain mobilized and determined to help and find people alive,” Payan tweeted. “Thank you to our @MarinsPompiers, police and municipal officers who have been working tirelessly for almost 24 hours. Hope must sustain us.”

It should be remembered that Marseille experienced the collapse of two buildings in 2018, which left at least six dead. The two adjacent buildings collapsed within hours of each other. One of the buildings was boarded up, but officials believed people might be inside.

The buildings that collapsed in 2018 were seen as a result of structural problems that affected many older buildings in low-income neighborhoods, he reported at the time. The New York Times.

“Emotion with Marseille, where last night a building collapsed on avenue Tivoli”, tweeted French President Emmanuel Macron. “I am thinking of those affected and their loved ones. The investigation continues with significant resources deployed. Thanks to the mobilized firefighters and rescuers.”

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