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Arriving in Catalonia situates the editorial collaboration and literary success with the main fites of the first 10 years

ACN Barcelona – The president of the association Llegir in Català, Francesc Gil-Lluch, has celebrated these comments that the first two years of the entity demonstrated that there is a “different” way of working from the collaboration in The editorial world and that s’hagi achieve that Catalan literature can compete “from you to you” with any other culture. At the press conference to assess the anniversary, he acknowledged that arriving here at the end was a “surprise” and applauded that he had created a “brand” association, both publishers “commitments” and a “stretch” contact with the sector . Arriving in Catalonia will celebrate the 10 years with an act to La Setmana del Libre with The Bookhunters and, later on a date to be determined, they will hold a public celebration.

Gil-Lluch has explained that the “different” way of working on Arriving in Català passes through collaboration and the exploitation of talent to ensure that they make thousands of literary works in Catalan. “A cop has passed the temps ho hem aconseguit”, he has celebrated it.

During the press conference, the former president of the association Laura Huerga said that at the end of this period it has produced a “very beautiful and useful” evolution. “Totes les editorials del projecte have crescut i enfortit. Ens hem fet millors, ens hem criticat i ens hem ajudat ”, has assenyalat her. “The project has been possible thanks to the trust and generosity of others and others”, she concluded.

By the way, the former president Núria Iceta has recalled that the objective was not only to sell more free but to “contribute to the sector as a whole”. Among others, she has recalled impulsive projects that have fostered cooperation with bookstores or education.

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Iceta has remembered that at the arrival of these anys he has made a compromise with the language. “Volem edit bé i més lectores en català”, she has pointed out. They have also explained that the reader in Catalan is “high quality and midel”. “The reader does not fail mai”, Gil-Lluch has said.

“In these 10 years the book in Catalan has been a millorat molt. We have expanded possibilities, genres and we have sorted the classic brands of Catalan literature”, Huerga has exposat.

On the possibility of evolving the association to a large publishing group with the dotzena de Segells that are part of it, Iceta has said that això could be a “fracàs”. “Sharing initiatives is much more useful”, she has said. “Ens printing required unifying formats. We are the most authentic with the best we can be the our lady, ”she has posed d’exemple.

Gil-Lluch has analyzed the difficulties that they have faced in the wake of these anys and has said that when they are going to create the association of “emotional and cultural” parents. “Et movies in an environment of negativity. They don’t understand that in the middle of the economic crisis they are creating a new finestra ”, he recalled. They have also said that during the covid-19 pandemic they are going to die because the activities and commitments of the entity are going away.

L’associació va neixer fa 10 ans amb l’objectiu de difondre les novetats editoriales en un bloc a internet. Subsequently, they will open profiles to the social groups that have not stopped believing in order to exceed 20,000 followers on X (Twitter). The 12 companies that are part of the project share services and assessments.

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