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Aracely Arámbula en una escena de la nueva versión de la telenovela "La Madrastra".

This week Jorge Lozano, renowned specialist in human relations, appeared in Mexico City to preside over his conference “Civil Status, ungovernable.” The event was attended by hundreds of people, including actresses Michelle Vieth and Aracely Arámbula, former partner of Luis Miguel.

Lozano visualized the actresses among the attendees and took the opportunity to greet them, since both are perfectly “ungovernable” women.

During the greeting, Lozano spoke of the kind of man he calls “cockroach” and when he hugged Aracely Arámbula he asked her: “From a bad love can one come out ungovernable, yes or no?” She not only laughed at the situation but also took advantage of the moment to answer and give advice to all the women present saying: “Of course! Mamacitas, if I came out of the “king cockroach” you can come out of any boy”.

The rhyme earned her laughter, cheers and applause, the public sheltered the words of Aracely Arámbula. Behind her, Vieth applauded, while an impressed Jorge Lozano did not stop laughing, but covered his face from the impression that the actress’s words caused him.

But where does Arámbula’s annoyance with respect to his ex come from? to get into context It is important to remember that last week Luis Miguel was severely judged by public opinion, due to the images of him with the daughters of his current girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas. Paparazzi photos provided by The Grosby Group show him escorting his couple’s daughters to school. They are in spain.

Luis Miguel and the daughters of Paloma Cuevas/ Photo by Grosby Group.
Luis Miguel and the daughters of Paloma Cuevas./ Photo by Grosby Group.

The interpreter of “When the sun heats up”, on the other hand, has two minor children with Aracely Arámbula, Daniel and Miguel Gallegowith whom he does not have a father-son relationship and, according to the actress and singer, he is not complying with the financial support of the minors either, which is why in an interview with Ventaneando he assured that he would initiate a legal process against him.

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Media such as Marca have highlighted that on social networks there is a video of the actress of the year 2021 in which she also seems to refer to Luis Miguel as “cockroach”. In turn, they state that the singer has not been aware of his children’s birthdays; In the year 2020, for example, little Miguel did not even receive a phone call from him.

At that time the press found “La Chule” – affectionate nickname given to the actress by the media – and he assured that he had not called his son, but he also made it clear that despite everything they are two happy children and that both their father and their brother have paternal figures to spare.

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