Aquaman 2: critics claim that the public left the theaters during test screenings

Aquaman 2: critics claim that the public left the theaters during test screenings

At this point it cannot be said that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. For starters, superhero movies have had a pretty poor year at the global box office, and DC’s case is even more unfortunate. The transitioning franchise couldn’t find a good path for its latest productions, and the controversies surrounding this sequel didn’t help matters much. A new rumor claims that the disaster could be seen coming from the test screenings, since the invited audience did not hesitate to leave the performance.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the closing of a very complicated stage for DC

After the scandalous departure of Zack Snyder, the DCEU spent years looking to find its own path that was not so similar to Marvel’s, but that would allow it to compete with the same strength on the billboard. The director’s works had not been to everyone’s taste, but at least he was clear about what he wanted to address with his material. However, Warner Bros. simply wanted the millions that such a franchise had to secure at the box office, so it gave a free pass to Walter Hamada to focus on other heroes, and some time later, to create productions that supported the premiere of HBO Max.

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Wonder Woman – Aquaman 2: critics claim that the public left the theaters during test screenings92% and Aquaman – 73% worked very well with the public and among the fans of the characters, so they easily received the opportunity to develop sequels, but the context of the company and the cinematographic universe itself changed once again, this time radically. . When David Zaslav came to the company he did not hesitate to throw everything away to start over, but there were certain films that were almost finished and could generate some money if they sold well, which led them to make The Flash – 60% a priority.

Jason Momoa in Aquaman and the Last Kingdom (Source: IMDb)
Jason Momoa in Aquaman and the Last Kingdom (Source: IMDb)

Blue Beetle – 74% went from being a streaming production to having a theatrical release, but instead of benefiting from the decision, it was affected by the failure of Ezra Miller’s film and the general disinterest of the production company. This same feeling extended to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom who had already lost many fans due to the controversies surrounding the presence of Amber Heard and the attitude of Jason Momoa, who seems to want to leave the character behind as soon as possible.

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Part of the problem was also that the production of this sequel was very complicated. For example, it was said that James Wan was fed up with the reshoots and alterations that the production company requested, as the executives changed their minds several times about the final cut because they did not know whether or not they would use it for James Gunn’s next DCU plans. . All of these delays caused the film to change its release date several times, causing fans to lose all confidence in the work.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom screenings were a failure

Now that the first trailer for the film has finally been released, the public remains unconvinced and new rumors point to a monumental disaster. The criticism Grace Randolph He posted a video on Twitter revealing that test screenings of the sequel were terrible and so boring that guests simply walked out, something unprecedented for a work of this type. This information was confirmed by other insiders, although no further details were given in this regard and at the moment the company has not given any type of response, although they are not expected to do so either.

It is not unusual for a test screening to be a disaster and it is not unusual for many productions to manage to save their final cut thanks to these screenings, but for attendees to abandon ship in this way is something very different and speaks to the general context that exists. lives in and around Warner Bros. Discovery and its DCU. At this time, no one expects Aquaman and the Last Kingdom works well and if the strikes remain active during its premiere it will suffer an even more regrettable decline without publicity or support from those involved.

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