Apple, an autumn ingredient to enjoy | The USA Print

Apple, an autumn ingredient to enjoy | The USA Print

With autumn comes the beginning of the apple harvest and a series of festivals are held in various states of the country, where this fruit is the protagonist of cakes, desserts and drinks.

Apples are the main food of autumn, which is present in a wide variety of foods and drinks. In several states of the country, apple festivals are held that attract thousands of people to celebrate the beginning of the harvest.

It is the ideal opportunity for producers to offer different types of apples, and for visitors to enjoy the variety of apple pies, donuts, desserts, ciders and endless preparations around this delicious and nutritious fruit.

One of the great benefits of apples is that they do not contain fat, sodium, or cholesterol.
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This popular fruit in the United States is native to Central Asia, Kazakhstan, where the first crops were planted around 2000 BC, and then spread throughout Europe.

United States for the 2023/24 agricultural season, apple production is estimated at about 250 million bushels (32 lb each), according to the analysis carried out by USApple based on data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). ).

The main apple varieties produced are: Gala first followed by other varieties such as: Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji and Granny Smith.

Nutritional value of apple

Peanut butter with apple
Peanut butter provides fiber, the consumption of which can help combat constipation.
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The apple has a high nutritional value such as fibers such as pectin and hemicellulose, quercetin, malic acid, catechins and carotenoids, which give it antioxidant, antidiabetic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, digestive and cardioprotective properties, explains the portal specialized in nutrition, Tua Saude.

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According to the USDA dietary guidelines, it is recommended to eat two cups of fresh fruit a day, which would be the equivalent of eating 2 small apples, 1 large apple, or two cups of sliced ​​or diced apples, it indicates. Waapple.

The apple is low in calories, in 100 grams of apples we have only 52 calories, 0 milligrams of cholesterol and 0.17 grams of fat, 13.8 grams of carbohydrates, 2.4 grams of fiber, it has no protein, 1 milligrams of sodium, and 85.56 grams of water. It also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C or Vitamin B-9.

A great new taste of autumn

Apples are an autumn ingredient, and although for years the pumpkin spice flavor has predominated among tastes, many companies have begun to consult their users to advance other flavors such as apple, as explained Modern Retail.

According to the portal, surveys and research have been carried out since 2021, which indicate that the pumpkin flavor is not for everyone. In view of this new reality, some brands are introducing products with apple as the main ingredient to the market.

Recipes with apples

Roasted, raw, in cakes, ice creams, ciders and many other preparations, the apple is the protagonist of the fall season. Here we present several ideas for eating this delicious fruit.

The Apple pie Granny Smiths are made with fresh-cut apples, brown sugar, and homemade spices, making it a truly unforgettable dessert.

Apple, an autumn ingredient to enjoy | The USA Print
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The baked applesNo They are very easy to make and an option for when you have some extra apples.

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The apple cider donuts They are one of those autumn flavors due to their combination of cinnamon, apple cider and sugar that give them a delicious aroma and a spongy texture.

Apple, an autumn ingredient to enjoy | The USA Print
Apple cider donuts are one of those characteristic fall flavors.
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Apple and Oatmeal Muffins made with applesauce for flavor and moisture, as well as oats for texture. Another preparation to warm the autumn days.

Caramelized apples They are a delight that combines the citrus and soft flavor of the fruit with that caramel coating. It is very easy to make, you just have to make a caramel with sugar, water, vanilla and red vegetable color and then dip the apples.

Apple, an autumn ingredient to enjoy | The USA Print
Caramelized apples are a delicious and fun option
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Also, with natural applesauce you can make jams, add it to healthy recipes to add sweetness, flavor and texture to desserts.

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