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Aphorisms: sentence (appealable) of time



In severe application of poetic justice (summum ius, summa iniuria) these aphorisms written under the pressure of time, are presented piled up or run over, separated from each other only by four asterisks. It is not a mistake, but a strategy, because we want to favor a reading that is less interrupted by the intrusions of advertising. Between paragraph and paragraph, you will be able to take a breather and the rules of the market claim their jurisdiction. If reading is favored, we will repeat the method and, if not, it will remain as a metaphor that time presses the aphorist.

Shame on vanity! **** Tertium non-datur: Or intelligent reader or long texts. **** Without his singing, the canary would be imprisoned in the cage. **** My growing myopia and my incipient deafness are making me look at the beauties of the world and listen to their music with added tenderness, as if I were living a long loving farewell. “-You hang up. “No, no, you hang up. “No, you”, the stars and I say to each other, both twinkling. **** Return to where one was not happy and be deeply happy right there, to erase the traces of one’s own misfortune from the world.

As I am always thinking about other more poetic or philosophical things, in practical life I am a mentally handicapped person who works with an intermittent intellectual capacity. That gives me a deep sense of brotherhood with the sick and slow. And if they too are always before a presence higher than mine that requires the best of their attention? **** That “trivialization” is not written with a “v” will never cease to amaze me. **** It is easier to be a monarchist in a republic. **** My way of thinking is distracting myself.

The resemblance of a pressure gauge to a watch is really overwhelming

Esperanza: wait for me to dance. **** Faced with the resigned and elegant stoicism of the reactionary, the everyday and vulgar hedonism of the conservative. **** The authentic middle class is the aristocracy, which defends like a cat belly up its space between the absolutism of power and the absenteeism of the people. **** Do not go through life like those who cross the zebra crossing without smiling on both sides or saying thank you. **** Loneliness acquires its highest value when it is a wait.

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The most intelligent egoism is touched with generosity, because it knows that altruism is good for it. **** For bad, bad, the memory that insists on reminding you of misfortunes. **** In the photographs you see how men see you; in mirrors, how you see yourself; and in the eyes of the beloved, how God sees you. **** The resemblance of a pressure gauge to a watch is really overwhelming. **** Losing one’s head and finding one’s soul have eerily similar practical effects, as Don Quixote could very well explain to us.

The saddest thing in my life is not taking myself a little more seriously. **** You can’t turn your back elegantly and contemptuously when you’re surrounded. **** Men are divided into those who, when they get a fright, curse the shock and those who jump for joy because everything has been frightened. **** Rite: one routine letter and three milestone. **** If freedom is indeterminate, it is defined by its limits. Your freedom, liberal friend, ends where the other’s begins. Mine only ends where I am not able to fill it with commitment and vocation.