Antonio Tejado refuses to work in prison but he does enjoy his first 'vis a vis': “He is protected, he wouldn't last a day”


It has been 16 days since the nephew entered the Seville I prison by court order after being arrested and accused of participating as the mastermind in the robbery suffered by his aunt last August. The stay of Antonio Tejado In prison he is being a roller coaster: the first few days he seemed calm and active, then he was overcome with sadness and now, according to his companions, he is resigned to his “camp” life.

Tejado has adapted to the daily routine of a module for non-conflictive prisoners. “He is extroverted, he likes interacting with people but has no intention of working”, they claim. A decision that his colleagues do not understand: “If you're working something it's because you're doing something to get out of jail. It's always going to be better seen, right?”. Inmates who work in prison receive a salary, are registered with social security and earn points towards permits and other prison benefits. Tejado, however, does not want to know anything about the subject.

The nephew of Maria del Monteperhaps hopeful of getting parole, just lets the days go by: “He is in a module for non-conflictive prisoners, which is like a camp”say former inmates in This is life. “They have their rules: you can't squat in the patio, you can't put your leg on it, you can't talk in the dining room…” And it's better that he stay there: “It depends on his attitude, how he goes to the yard, if he's showing off… There you have to walk calmly and go your way to be protected. He, with vices and everything he has, in a conflictive module would look for a lot of problems. “It wouldn't last a day.”

Your first Vis a Vis

This Wednesday, Tejado enjoyed his first face to face with his family. His brother has come Chema and his mother Maria Jose, who have been able to hug him and talk to him without glass in the way. Upon release from prison, neither of them wanted to comment on how the meeting had been, but since AfternoonAR They say: “His mother came out very shaken.”