Antonio Mohamed praises César Huerta’s work in Pumas de la UNAM: “He has no ceiling” | The USA Print

Antonio Mohamed praises César Huerta's work in Pumas de la UNAM: "He has no ceiling"

Antonio Mohamed praises César Huerta's work in Pumas de la UNAM: "He has no ceiling" | The USA Print

The Mexican soccer player and new star of the UNAM Pumas, César ‘Chino’ Huerta, has served as one of the most important figures on his team in the current Apertura 2023 tournament of the Liga MX and this allowed him to be called up by Jaime Lozano to play the last double date of FIFA friendly matches in which they faced the national teams of Australia and Uzbekistan.

An example of these qualities was demonstrated this Sunday on matchday 8 of the Aztec tournament, a duel in which the university students ended up beating Atlético San Luis 3-2 to end their positive streak of victories; Given this fact, the Brazilian technical director, Antonio ‘Turco’ Mohamed praised the work of ‘Chino’ Huerta and highlighted his role within the organization.

These statements were made during the press conference after the victory of the UNAM Pumas, who managed to add three points to place themselves in the eighth place of the classification table with a total of 12 points and thus maintain firm their objective of qualifying for this season’s Liguilla.

“He is a boy who is very clear about what he wants and has no ceiling. Today he did what was asked of him at all times, he saved his strength for the end. Little by little he is learning and you already saw it on the field, he is totally different from any player in this league. He is in a great moment and we have to take advantage of it, let’s hope he continues to grow, he has a lot of humility. He listens, he works like the best, on Tuesday he played with the Mexican National Team and on Wednesday he worked with us, that is the example that he has to give to his teammates,” he expressed.

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César Huerta was in charge of tying the score 2-2 by scoring an impressive goal in the 86th minute and thus complicating the victory of Atlético San Luis.

Mohamed also expressed hope that the Mexican player has not reached his best level and that he still has much more to offer on the playing field to be able to raise the star that everyone within the UNAM Pumas desires; He also highlighted that “he is an example for the rest of his colleagues.”

The UNAM Pumas’ next game will be on Friday, September 22 against Puebla, a team with which they will seek to extend their winning streak and add a new victory with which they can add another three points; Puebla is currently ranked 12th in the tournament with a total of 8 points.

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