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Antonela Roccuzzo's sports outfit with three million likes

Despite being a reserved woman, Antonela Roccuzzo, soccer player Leo Messi’s partner, arouses millions of sympathies on social networks. Cautious and jealous of her private life, her 34.8 million followers on her Instagram do not care that the businesswoman does not count as she is her day by day, as long as she shares her achievements of her and some moments of her with her family.

In addition to recently showing, as a faithful follower of her country and her husband, her support for the Argentine team, Roccuzzo shares many photos with sports outfits from one of the most popular brands among celebrities in Los Angeles.

Behind the light blue outfit made up of a long-sleeved crop top and technical sports pants with large back pockets hides Alo Yoga, “the yoga clothing with the most advanced technology in the world” -as cataloged by the brand- .

The Instagram elite, that is, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber or even Georgina Rodríguez herself, are big fans of the brand and boast about it on their Instagram accounts. However, in the feed of the Los Angeles brand there is not a trace of celebrities, but Alo Yoga dedicates her publications to sports professionals.

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The values ​​of the brand are focused on their ethical values, as is the case with the recycling program that they boast about. According to the brand, the waste generated at its Los Angeles headquarters is barely equivalent to that of a small house. In addition to respect for the environment, the founders, Danny Harris and Marco Degeorge, have shown their commitment to gender diversity and, in a joint statement, stress that “all people are respected equally, regardless of gender, race , beliefs or sexual orientation”.