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Budimir was the alpha and omega for Osasuna. The Croatian had the equalizer in his boots, with a penalty in stoppage time, an ideal situation for a forward with the fang that the red player has. But in a second he went from being the hero to becoming a meme, bait for social networks. Guillamón hit him from behind in the 93rd minute, when the Osasunista offensive intensified; The referee spent two more on the VAR screen and in the end signaled the maximum penalty to the uproar and joy of the Sadar stands.


Herrera, Jesús Areso, Juan Cruz (Mojica, min. 58), David García, Jorge Herrando, Iker Muñoz, Moi Gómez, Jon Moncayola (Pablo Ibáñez, min. 75), Rubén García (Rubén Peña, min. 75), Ante Budimir and Arnáiz (Raul García de Haro, min. 75)



Mamardashvili, Vazquez Alcalde, Cenk Özkacar, Foulquier, Cristhian Ibarguen, Francisco Martinez (Peter Federico, min. 79), Diego López (Thierry Correia, min. 87), Javi Guerra, Pepelu, Hugo Duro (Alberto Mari, min. 75) and Andre Almeida (Hugo Guillamón, min. 75)

Goals 0-1 min. 18: Andre Almeida.

Referee José Luis Munuera Montero

Yellow cards Baraja (min. 45), Hugo Duro (min. 55) and Mamardashvili (min. 84)

Budimir caught the ball, placed it on the penalty spot, and when Munuera ordered the execution, he headed towards the ball, he hesitated because Mamardashvili stood firm without moving, and when he reached the ball, he stumbled in his feint, touched it with his left stumbled, and the ball bounced into the hands of the goalkeeper, who had to take a couple of steps forward to pick it up. The tie that Osasuna so hard sought was lost in one of the most bizarre actions of the season.

Before, the first part was very entertaining, not very academic, although perhaps the coaches didn’t like it too much, but since football belongs to the fans, it was perfect. Osasuna was in charge, but he made many mistakes. The shipments did not arrive where the senders intended, they were lost in the delivery, even if they were certified. Budimir waited in the area in vain, like Vladimir and Estragon waiting for Godot, in Beckett’s work.

But the theater of the absurd was put on stage by Herrera, the Osasuna goalkeeper, when on a long ball towards his area, he went out of control to clear it with his head. But he is not a center back and his irregular action hit his teammate Juan Cruz. The ball fell at Hugo Duro’s feet. He had a clear horizon, an empty goal and the entire area to himself, but he suffered a sudden Stendhal syndrome. Faced with the most beautiful image that a striker can see, his blood pressure rose, he suffered palpitations and his vision became blurry. He wanted to control to ensure an easy shot instead of hitting first, and Herrando came up behind him to put his foot in and celebrate his defensive action as if he had scored a goal.

But the play left its mark on the Osasunista electrocardiogram. The red heart suffered, as they gave the ball to Valencia for a few minutes that turned out to be lethal, because just a little while later, a local defensive imbalance left Almeida with a corridor on the right of their attack, and upon entering the area he shot crosswise to inaugurate the scoreboard. Without being dazzled by the vision of the goalkeeper in front of him, without palpitations. One foot strike and it’s over.

Shortly after, Herrera saved a shot from Vázquez, with his father, on the other side, watching from his position as Osasunista sports director, and that was the end of the Valencian initiative. From that moment on, Rubén Baraja’s players started rowing. Osasuna tried to exploit the vein that Areso found on the right wing. Balls flew into the area, almost always without precision, but the Arrasate team clearly took control in the face of some Valencian confusion. In the last minutes of the first half the Pamplona team had its best options. First, in a shot by Moi that hit Javi Guerra, and deviated dangerously until it hit the post; later, in a transfer with the chest of Budimir that Rubén García finished off.

The second part was an Osasunista monologue. Baraja decided to park the bus in his field, and, furthermore, Osasuna allowed few Valencian excursions in his field. The Rojillos bombarded the visiting area, and Budimir had two clear opportunities to tie, first after a great cross from Rubén García and then with a cross shot that looked for the post.

Without any embarrassment, Valencia defended its advantage, a juicy income that allowed it to return to the European positions, and Osasuna and its fans became desperate due to their lack of wisdom. Until in the 92nd minute that penalty came, which destroyed the Osasunista illusion and revitalized Valencia.

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