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Desde finales del 2022 cientos de inmigrantes han llegado a Nueva York.

Since the end of 2022, hundreds of immigrants have arrived in New York.

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Orange County joined Rockland County in halting Mayor Eric Adams’ plans to resettle new immigrants who come to New York, mainly to the city.

The governments of those counties have criticized the lack of communication from Mayor Adams, in addition to the effects on their counties and the lack of budget to serve non-citizens, who are mainly from Venezuela.

A state Supreme Court judge ruled Tuesday that migrants staying at two Orange County hotels will be allowed to stay, but barred new arrivals, after the Republican leader Steven Neuhausdenounced the city of New York and the two establishments last Friday.

Last week, Rockland County, also led by a Republican, already blocked the arrival of migrants by court order. anticipating the end of the measure known as Title 42, which since the pandemic had allowed the immediate expulsion of migrants who crossed the border with Mexico without permission.

The New York Immigration Coalition, which defends the rights of this group, criticized the measure taken by Orange County as cruel, called for coordination between the administration of the Big Apple and the county, and indicated that there are currently 186 migrants, all grown men, in both hotels.

Big Apple City Council spokesman Fabien Levy told The New York Post that until the federal government sends help, the city needs other areas to pitch in, noting that Orange County has been asked to manage only a small group of migrants with expenses paid.

Migrants are arriving on buses in New York City It has led the Adams administration, a Democrat, to take emergency measures such as relaxing rules for housing the homeless and selecting 20 public school gyms as potential shelters.

Previously, the city has already set up some 140 shelters, many of them hotels, which are hosting families with children, while young people or adults without children are located in other accommodations.

Before Title 42 expired, last Thursday, the city’s public services were already in a critical state after the arrival of some 65,000 immigrants since last August.

New York is the only city in the country that is required by law to provide a roof for anyone who does not have one.

This argument is applied by Republican governors, such as the one from Texas, Greg Abbot, and the one from Florida, Ron DeSantis, to promote in one way or another the transfer of migrants to the Big Apple.

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