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The football season has this healthy habit that when everything seems about to explode, it takes a couple of weeks of respite, the players go to play with their national teams, they see their families, they meet new sponsors, they try on new shirts. , different colors, but great symbolic value and when they go to the press room they are assaulted by the issues that they thought they had left behind.

Ok, Mbappé is going to be asked about the French team and his options to win the next Euro Cup. Ok, they will ask him about that FFF (French Football Federation) project that I told you about in my last opinion column, about how to prepare for penalty shootouts and in which he, as a specialist in the matter, has, should have not only opinion but also judgment. But I’ll bet you what you want, except a ticket for the Cup final, which is going very badly, that Luis Enrique, Barça and Real Madrid, not in this order, will be flying over the lectern in the national team’s press room French.

Or that Nico Williams will be asked about that youth that lands in the Spanish team and that makes him, at just 21 years old, look like a veteran if we compare him with Cubarsí or Lamine Yamal or if the fact that Spain is the current champion of the Nations League forces it to assume the role of favorite for Euro 2024. But surely the issue of the Cup final on Saturday the 6th will appear somewhere, the excitement that exists in Bilbao, there is a lot of talk about this because we already know how They are spent by Athletic fans, but also in Mallorca where thousands of fans are looking for a way to get to Seville for the match even if they have to go through London or Berlin.

It would seem that this national team pause matters very little to everyone in view of everything that is played starting next week, except, of course, to the coaches and those players who are still staking out their last options to be in the future majors. quotes. Only since these technicians have so little time to work with their teams, so little margin to generate their automatisms, their team culture, these next two national team matches are, possibly, a capital issue to build what is also visible in the future but that will only be capital from mid-June.

And meanwhile there is that strange paradox that each person wants their team to win because that can portend a beautiful future, but at the same time they pray that the players on their team do not get injured, that they have the same playing time as the team. of their rivals, that the kilometers traveled are distributed equally, that they have even sprinted at similar speeds so that the risks are equitable. Come on, you have to put one candle for God and another for the devil to continue hoping that your people win, but that this does not also harm your others.

Meanwhile, in the heat and comfort of their own facilities, a goalkeeper steps badly and what seemed like one of the most anticipated comebacks, that of Thibaut Courtois, ends up turning into a strange noise, a lot of crying, an operation, a little piece of internal meniscus less and a couple of more months of waiting. I just want to wish the best of recoveries to the phenomenal Belgian goalkeeper who had already warned us that even if everything had gone well we would not see him on German soil with his national team. But surely we will soon see the work of art called “Miracles in the goal” designed, written and performed by the great Thibaut Courtois. Because there are waits that are very, very, very worth it.

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