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Ananya Panday

Ananya Pandey: Do you remember Liger Beauty? That’s Ananya Pandey. This Bhama is also familiar to the Telugu audience. Directed by Puri Jagannath, she acted opposite Vijay Devarakonda in Liger. In this movie, even though she performed as much beauty as possible, the movie was not very impressive. Utter was a flop. However, this Bhama got a good craze in the Telugu film industry.

And Ananya, who is known as a star kid in Bollywood, is showing her style there too. Varu is making films. She parties with her friends and often appears in front of the media. Recently, this beauty posted a video on social media. In that video, she was seen in a light blue color saree.

Ananya slayed the boys by showing her cleavage with her bouncy beauty. Ananya Pandey attended her cousin Alana Pandey’s wedding in a traditional outfit. Ananya looked hot in saree too. In this video, she danced lightly while showing off her beauty. Now this video is going viral. Guys are going crazy after seeing this beauty physique. They are posting fire emojis saying hot Ananya.

Ananya Panday Photos
Ananya Panday Photos

This Bhama is rushing in Bollywood with a series of movies. Wedding bells rang recently for this beauty who is doing back to back films. Ananya’s cousin Alanna Pandey’s wedding ceremony was grand. Ananya shined in pink color lehenga in these celebrations. While everyone was enjoying the ceremony, Ananya was seen smoking a cigarette. As photos and videos related to this went viral on social media.. Netizens Ananya PandeyAnanya Pandey is being trolled in a range.

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