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Ana Obregón chooses this dress for its meaning on her return to television

Ana Obregon has undoubtedly become the main protagonist of this week’s television schedule. The biologist returns to the center of the media spotlight months after the news broke of the birth of her granddaughter Ana Sandra through surrogacy in Miami. A piece of news that completely revolutionized the news of the social chronicle and that generated a multitude of comments with total disparity.

Now, several months later, the presenter returns to television thanks to Carlos Sobera and Telecinco thanks to the new program of the chain, The musical of your lifewhich will review the lives of some of the most famous faces in the country through musical numbers.

First promo for 'The musical of your life', new Mediaset España program

First promo for ‘The musical of your life’, new Mediaset España program


For this reason, the audiovisual group has chosen Ana Obregón to kick off this new format. At the moment, we have already been able to see some previews of tonight’s program, and with which we can sense that a very emotional episode is coming. But without a doubt the detail that has caught the most attention in all the trailers is the actress’s styling.

Ana Obregón decided to wear a floral dress during her interview with Carlos Sobera. A very common type of styling, since we have been able to see it in various appearances of the presenter during these past months. And the arrival of her granddaughter has once again filled the presenter’s life with light and color. For this reason we have been able to see her on many occasions with floral looks, where she, above all, prioritized her color.

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Something that contrasts greatly with the clothing she wore after the death of her son, Aless Lequio. The loss of her only child was a hard blow for the biologist and therefore the mourning could also be seen in her style, where the predominant color was black. Months later she also chose to wear white, a color that symbolizes mourning in some countries around the world. But it seems that Ana Obregón is shining again and that is something that she wanted to make clear with her look in tonight’s interview.

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