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Copies of 'The boy with the shrews', by Ana Obregón and Aless Lequio in a bookstore

Ana Obregón and Carles Porta become the new protagonists of Sant Jordi. The Chamber of the Book of Catalonia has published this Wednesday a new ranking of best-selling books on April 23, in which changes appear after processing the real sales data of 230 bookstores throughout Catalonia and incorporating those made in the ‘stands ‘ from the street, mechanized and processed by Libridata and LibriRed during the following days. The most notorious is that of the two of them, who go on to lead non-fiction in Spanish and Catalan, respectively.

It should be said that The boy with the shrews (Harper Collins), the book that the actress writes with her son Aless Lequio and that reveals the hardest moments of his illness, did not even appear on the initial list. In her place, that Sunday Marian Rojas Estapé celebrated the success that she still accumulates today with How to make good things happen to you (Espasa 7 Columna) since it was published in 2018.

Copies of ‘The boy with the shrews’, by Ana Obregón and Aless Lequio in a bookstore


For his part, Crims: Capital Pecats (La Campana / Reservoir Books), in which Carles Porta narrates seven stories of real events, anticipates the group of humorists La Sotana y su Great Encyclopedia of Barça (Blackie Books). A category in which there were already movements at the beginning of the week, when data from the consultancy GfK and LibriRed gave leadership to Xavier Sala i Martín with From Savannah to Mart (Rosa dels Vents). These same data made Gemma Ruiz Palà’s Sant Jordi award go back one position, our seas (Bow) in favor of the novel by Xavier Bosch March 32 (Univers / Cathedral). Information that has been made official today.

Another of the modifications is in the children’s and youth category in Catalan, which stars Meritxell Martí with A gift of (Flamboyant Editorial), the book in which he brings together the nine most evil characters in the world in a secret place. Before, in its place was Les excursions d’en Titó (Estrella Polar), of the children’s character of the SX3 channel.

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Xavier Bosch consolidates himself on the Catalan fiction list with his ’32 de març’

MARWEN FARHAT / Third Parties

Beyond the definitive list, the Gremi de Llibreters de Catalunya announces that the turnover growth compared to last year is 7% and confirms that 1.87 million copies were sold, with a total turnover of 24 million euros accumulated during all week.

The technical secretary of the guild, Marià Marín, already announced that it was the Sant Jordi “most participatory and the one that has made the most sales”. In addition, he positively valued the implementation of the new model of spaces for professionals, with stalls for bookstores and florists. “The model applied in cities like Barcelona contributes to making bookstores visible, to ordering people traffic and is one of the factors of success this year, which is why the model is committed to continuing,” added the Chamber of Books. .

The Gremi de Llibreters de Catalunya announces that the growth in turnover compared to last year is 7%

Several publishers, authors and booksellers consulted throughout the week by this newspaper criticize the bad image that gives to proclaim a winner of Sant Jordi and replace it with another a few days later. Neus Botellé, from the Central de la calle Mallorca, in Barcelona, ​​insists that “a list with the books that have sold the most in a single day is not representative of anything”, while Iolanda Batalle, director of Ona Llibres de Pau Claris acknowledges that “I don’t believe in the lists or in the previous advances that can condition”.

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Some of the books that also sold well on Sant Jordi but have been left out of the official classification

There are many books that do not appear on the lists that readers bought on Book and Rose Day. In fact, according to the statement from the Gremi de Llibreters, more than sixty thousand different titles were sold that day, which represents a growth of 17% compared to 2022.

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As far as genres are concerned, the ones that have grown the most have been comics, both in Catalan and Spanish, as well as children’s and youth literature in Catalan. And if we look at the languages, of the total number of books sold, 52.2% were in Catalan and 47.8% in Spanish.

Growth of 17% compared to 2022

More than sixty thousand different titles were sold for Sant Jordi

Atmosphere in the streets of Barcelona for the festival of the Sant Jordi day with roses and books.  Atmosphere of a book stall in Passeig de Gràcia

Atmosphere in the streets of Barcelona of the festival of the diada de Sant Jordi with roses and books

Mané Espinosa / Own


The Angel of the CityGarcía Sáenz de Urturi, Eva, Editorial Planeta
2.The crystal cuckooCastillo, Javier, Sum of Letters
3.- waiting for the delugeRedondo, Dolores, Destination Editions
4.- How (not) I wrote our storyBenavent, Elísabet, Sum of Letters
5.- children of the fableAramburu, Fernando, Tusquets Editores
6.- The married portraitO’Farrell, Maggie, Asteroid Books
7.- The sectLäckberg, Camilla / Fexeus, Henrik, Editorial Planeta
8.- Back homeMorton, Kate, Addition of Letters
9.- where everything shinesKellen, Alice , Editorial Planeta
10.- The familyTable, Sara, Editorial Anagrama

The boy with the shrewsObregon, Ana / Lequio, Aless, HarperCollins
2.- atomic habitsClear, James, Editorial Diana
3.- How to make good things happen to youRojas Estapé, Marian, Espasa Books
4.- a shared storyNavarro, Julia, Plaza & Janés Editors
5.- find your vitamin personRojas Estapé, Marian, Espasa Books
6.- Easy and rich cooking Arguiñano, Karlos, Editorial Planeta
7.- In case the voices come backMartin, Angel, Editorial Planeta
8.- In the shadow, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Plaza & Janes Editores
9.- That’s the fucking life Wild, Jordi, Plan B
10.- The subtle art of not giving a shit about (almost everything)Manson, Mark, HarperCollins

ARTA against the maximum alienGame, Arta, Montena
2.- Three monthsMarcus, Joana, Montena
3.- before decemberMarcus, Joana, Montena
4.- ARTA in the maximum apocalypseGame, Arta, Montena
5.- ARTA and the maximum invasionGame, Arta, Editorial Pre-Texts
6.- after decemberMarcus, Joana, Montena
7.- Don’t eat this book Mikecrack, Mr Editions
8.- Amanda Black 1 – A Dangerous InheritanceGomez-Jurado, Juan / Montes, Barbara, B de Blok
9.- Compas 8. The Compas and the miniature adventureMikecrack, El Trollino and Timba Vk, Mr Editions
10.- Guinness World Records 2023Guinness World Records, Editorial Planeta

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1.- March 32Bosch Sancho, Xavier, Univers Llibres
2.- our seasRuiz Pala, Gemma, Proa
3.- The wedding portraitO’Farrell, Maggie, L’Altra Editorial
4.- Pray to ProserpinaSánchez Piñol, Albert, Edicions La Campana
5.- Paris érem nosaltresClaret, Andreu, Columna Edicions
6.- Demà, i demà, i demàZevin, Gabrielle, Edicions del Periscopi
7.- The possibility of dir-ne homeOrriols, Marta, Proa
8.- you fit them in the sunRodríguez Sirvent, Regina, Edicions La Campana
9.- terrifyingPiquer, Eva, Publishing Club 1959
10.- BoulderingBaltasar, Eva, Publishing Club 1959

1.- Crims: deadly sinsPorta, Carles, La Campana
2.- Great encyclopedia of BarçaThe Cassock, Blackie Books
3.- From the savannah to Mart, Room i Martín, Xavier, Rosa dels Vents
4.- alliesFeixas Torras, Txell, Ara Llibres
5.- the pause of the diesGraset, Xavier, La Campana
6.- Quan deixi to be joElias, Carme, Columna Edicions
7.- kitchen! or barbarismNicolau, Maria , Ara Llibres
8.- You are the one you meanColl, Núria, Rosa dels Vents
9.- If the memory does not failMonzó, Quim / Pàmies, Sergi, La Vanguardia
10.- The sins of the xonaPontnou, Marta / Fa, Laura, Rosa dels Vents

A gift for, Martí, Meritxell, Editorial Flamboyant
2.- The legend of Sant Jordi, AAVV, Polar Star
3.- Les excursions d’en TitóAAVV, Polar Star
4.- I have a volcano and I can’t breathe Tirado, Míriam, El Cep and la Nansa
5.- What is això de l’amor, Minimoni?Rocio Bonilla, Animallibres Editorial
6.- Em Dec GoaTirado, Míriam, B de Blok
7.- Learn how to get to the Escola de Monstres 10Rippin, Sally, Montena
8.- The kitchens of the MusCopons Ramon, Jaume, Combel Editorial
9.- Fes-me una abraçada petit drac de Sant JordiLouwers, Tanja / de Beer, Esther, Bookooks
10.- Escort and arrive the Legend of Sant JordiSomnins, Polar Star

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