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An influencer's trick to change your look in seconds

Tik tok is an infinite bank of videos and tutorials. under the hashtag fashiontip, thousands of users post to style tips and tricks on a daily basis. One of the most prominent tik tokers in this matter is the well-known Ierapaperlight. He shows you both how to make a homemade hem and how to hit the size of a jean without going through the fitting room.

This influencer’s latest viral video is more of a style tip than a hack and is perfect for travel or beach dates. Following the trend of two-in-one garments, customization and tie dye, this instagramer shows in a matter of seconds how to turn a swimsuit into a night piece.

The swimsuit must be whole and, if possible, be of a neutral tone. For example, she uses a black piece with a square neckline and spaghetti straps. By turning the swimsuit around and sticking her head through one of the leg holes, the influencer styles the swimsuit as a one-strap body.

This impromptu asymmetrical top can be worn with all kinds of bottoms, from midi or short skirts to jeans or tapered pants. A basic that can save more than one at a formal dinner near the beach or on a trip with a very small suitcase.

The video already has nearly 50,000 views, as well as dozens of comments in which users praise the influencer’s style: “what a great tip” or “everything looks great on you” are some of the messages that the tik toker has received for this curious but effective style trick.

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