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American Medical Association to have openly gay leader

The first openly gay person to lead the American Medical Association (LOVES) takes the reins at a difficult time for medical care in the country.

Transgender patients and those seeking abortion services face restrictions in many places. The doctors’ judgment is being overturned by state law. Misinformation is rampant. And the nation is not done with COVID-19.

Ever since Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld came to the LOVES For two decades as a young resident physician, the nation’s largest medical group has tried to shed its image as a self-serving, conservative trade association. Although the salary issues of its professionals continue to be a great focus of attention, the LOVES It is also a powerful lobbying force for various issues of health public.

Two years ago, the LOVES earned widespread praise for announcing a plan to dismantle structural racism within its ranks and the American medical system. He has adopted policies that emphasize equity in health and inclusion, and has not been free of criticism for this.

At 44, Ehrenfeld, an anesthesiologist, Navy combat veteran and father of two young children, will be among the youngest presidents of the LOVES when his one-year term begins on June 13.

When interviewed by The Associated Press about how his election will benefit the LGBTQ community, he said that “even though I didn’t run as a gay man, it’s part of my identity. And people know it”.

“Representation and visibility are very important. I can’t tell you how many emails, letters, phone calls, text messages I received when I was elected to this position from people all over the world who saw this as an important moment, an important recognition of what inclusion and equality can be help promote equity in health for everyone,” Ehrenfeld added.

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