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The WWE product continues to be very attractive for television and now it seems that streaming companies too, since it seems that Amazon and Disney are working hard to get the broadcast rights to WWE SmackDown.

Amazon and Disney want the broadcast rights to WWE SmackDown

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer gave interesting news “about Disney’s interest in taking over the Friday show, SmackDown. The belief is that Raw and NXT will likely remain on USA Network, although WWE is looking for a large increase in the price of both shows, especially Raw, going from 465 to 700 (million). As far as SmackDown is concerned, time will tell. There is a feeling that FOX is not going to pay the 300, which is what WWE is trying to pull SmackDown or more, and Disney and Amazon are probably the two companies that are most interested.

Possible change of WWE SmackDown broadcast day

They are not married to Friday. They are on Friday because FOX wanted them on Friday. If you remember, they were on Tuesday for a long time. They had been on Thursday, they had been, basically, on the night that the network that owns the rights wants them to be on. So maybe there will be another night where the TV channel wants them, it’s something they will push a lot because it’s the number one show weekly when it comes to cable, all year long, 52 weeks a year. I mean, it’s not always number one. I mean, obviously, football will always beat him. Big sporting events will always beat it. But it is a constant show. “It’s a consistent performance week after week.”

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