Amanda Bynes has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks | Entertainment | The USA Print

Amanda Bynes.

Amanda Bynes.

Photo: Giulio Marcocchi / Grosby Group

The presenter and actress Amanda Bynes He is in a psychiatric hospital to treat his mental health, and is also seeking outpatient treatment, according to TMZ reports.

Bynes has been hospitalized for three weeks in a mental health center after controversies such as being found wandering without clothes in the streets of Los Angeles, a judicial process to be able to be free of guardianship and addictions.

According to the recent report, the ‘Hairspray’ actress entered a psychiatric hospital for the first time, so her relatives do not want her to leave until she is well recovered.

Although Amanda’s family does not force her to be hospitalized, TMZ reports that the actress is interested in recovering from her mental health problems.

Also, sources close to the famous indicated that after leaving the mental health center, Bynes will seek outpatient treatment to continue treating himself.

This procedure is registered after the actress was released from the guardianship she had for 9 years, so she can now decide for herself regarding her medical treatments. During this stage, the actress is counting on the support of her parents.

So far, the television star still does not have a date to be discharged.

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