Almeida’s emotional speech during his wedding with Teresa Urquijo: “I have the obligation to live up to it”


Martínez Almeida and Teresa Urquijo They are already husband and wife. After the ceremony, the mayor of Madrid and the financial analyst traveled to the El canto de la Cruz farm (located in the Madrid town of Colmenar Viejo) to celebrate the banquet. Already at the farmhouse, which belongs to the bride’s maternal grandparents, Almeida made an emotional speech in front of the almost 600 guests.

He began by referring to his parents, now deceased, and to their majesties the emeritus kings for accompanying them on such a special day.“, they have stated this Saturday from Party. Likewise, they have assured that the mayor has remembered some advice that his mother gave him. “‘Never stop believing,’ and he said at that moment that Teresa appeared right there, a blessing that God has put in his path.“, have pointed.

Likewise, Martínez Almeida has stated that he hopes to live up to his wife and start a family with her. ” He has said that he has the obligation to live up to this woman and make her happy, that this blessing has to be returned to her in the form of sons or daughters.“, they have assured from Telecinco.

To conclude his speech, the mayor thanked Teresa and once again thanked Their Majesties for their presence. “After all this he concluded by thanking Teresa, telling her that he never thought of finding a woman like her.he made fun of it by saying that he doesn’t know what he saw in him but that now there was no turning back. He ended the speech by thanking their majesties again for their presence, and saying ‘Long live the King and Long live Spain.“, they have stated.