Alix Aspe got married and her colleagues from ‘La Mesa Caliente’ did a choreography for her during the party | The USA Print

Las conductoras Verónica Bastos, Myrka Dellanos y Giselle Blondet asistieron a la boda religiosa de Alix Aspe.

On Saturday, April 8, Alix Aspe and Diego Betanzo celebrated their religious union in a ceremony that they carried out together with their loved ones in Mexico, a moment where they took a new step in the love relationship they have had for some time, although it was in July 2022 when they married civilly.

In turn, several of the talents that work at Telemundo were present at this very special moment for the couple, and some of those personalities were: Carlos Adyan, Andrea Meza, Quique Usales, Jessica Carrillo, Aleyda Ortiz, Adamari López, Jorge Bernal, as well as their colleagues from ‘La Mesa Caliente’, that is, Giselle Blondet, Verónica Bastos and Myrka Dellanos.

The hostesses at the table promised Alix that they would choreograph her and they delivered! Even the boyfriend was encouraged! They all danced the shark! 🦈”, were the words that accompanied the audiovisual shared on the profile of ‘La Mesa Caliente’.

Netizens expressed their opinion about the dance that the television presenters performed last Saturday, while noting that Alix should have received something much better from her companions of work, that is how they rejected the rhythm that they carry in their blood.

In addition, another of the points that stood out was Bastos’ wardrobe, because for many it was not according to the occasion that they were celebrating, as well as they also requested that he leave the program that he hosts on Telemundo from Monday to Friday. However, not everything was negative because some users of the camera’s social network dedicated themselves to sending some wishes to the newlyweds.

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“Alix deserved a beautiful choreography from her classmates”, “The bride is beautiful”, “Infinite blessings in your new marital facet”, “Everything is excellent, the wedding and her friends are wonderful”, “Congratulations”, “The ugliest and her horrible dress Verónica Bastos”, “No one is interested outside Veronica Bastosout”, “May God bless you and fill you with much happiness”, “Excellent”, “I love it”, “Congratulations to the newlyweds”, “Verónica’s dress is ugly”, were some of the reactions that were they recorded in the post.

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