Alix Aspe, from ‘La Mesa Caliente’, shows how excited she is just a few hours away from her ecclesiastical wedding | Entertainment | The USA Print

Alix Aspe, from 'La Mesa Caliente', shows how excited she is just a few hours away from her ecclesiastical wedding

the tv presenter Alix Aspe this Saturday will give the “yes I accept” in front of the altar with Diego Betanzo, ceremony that will be held in Mexico. In turn, the couple was civilly married last July in Miami, while everything was quite intimate. However, the comments did not stop when they saw the postcards that she shared on the camera’s social network.

In the video, Alix is ​​seen with Diego while they are being recorded, while the two show a big smile on their faces and demonstrate the rhythm that they carry in their blood after this new step that they will take in the loving relationship that they have had for some time.

See you tomorrow at the altar @dbetanzoz 🥹👰🏽‍♀️🤵🏽 EMOTION TO A THOUSAND !!!!!!!”, were the words that accompanied the emotional audiovisual.

After the publication made on the Instagram profile, Internet users took a few seconds of their time to comment on this stage that one of the hosts of “La Mesa Caliente” is going through, while more than 200 opinions ended up.

There was no shortage of good wishes and congratulations for the spouses, while they received some advice so that the love between them remains despite the difficulties that arise along the way.

“Always dance like this, I adore you”, “Never lose that complicity, even if there are difficult days, go to bed reconciled”, “OMG. What an emotion”, “How beautiful, a thousand congratulations and may God always be the third in this relationship”, “Congratulations my beautiful Ali”, “All the blessings in the world”, “Congratulations beautiful. God bless that union”, “Many congratulations, blessings to both of you, you are loved”, “I greet you from Puerto Rico, I want to see the wedding on Instagram”, “Tomorrow day of glory, may God keep you for a lifetime”, “Happy to see you so, so happy”, “Many blessings for years and years”, ” Congratulations, may your love and union be eternal”, “You are going to share us here, right”, “Such a beautiful couple, blessings”, “A thousand blessings to heaven for you, beautiful friend. May God be your guide in everything”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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