Alejandro Zendejas assures that he never “extorted” the Mexican National Team by playing for the United States | The USA Print

El futbolista fue criticado por escoger jugar para Estados Unidos y no con México.

The soccer player was criticized for choosing to play for the United States and not with Mexico.

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The footballer of the Eagles of Club América, Alejandro Zendejas, decided to put an end to all the rumors around him and revealed the real reason why he chose to play with the United States national team and put aside his Mexican roots to be part of the Aztec national team.

During the press conference prior to the match against Rayados de Monterrey for Matchday 14 of the Liga MX Clausura 2023 tournament, Zendejas assured that Gerardo Martino’s statements about wanting to extort him to be part of the Tri are lies and that he always preferred to play with the stars and stripes team.

A lot happened, I kept a lot of things to myself, it was a delicate subject, things were said that I hadn’t said or done, but yes, I’ve been playing for the United States since I was a kid. I was trained there, I started my career there and that was one of the reasons for choosing the United States. In Mexico there were things that had been said, that of extortion, I know that you cannot tell a technician that he has to put me yes or yes, it is very clear, I don’t know why he said that, if he himself said that he didn’t talk to me. Now to give my best on the field and give my best for the United States”, he expressed.

According to Martin, The soccer player from America wanted to “extort” the Mexican National Team to sign the exchange letter of the Federation and give up playing for the United States. However, Zendejas maintained that these words were not true.

The soccer player also maintained that he has no problem with the game that the United States and Mexico will play on April 19; He assured that he is aware that the fans may come to recriminate his decision, but it is something that has already been taken.

People have the right to comment on anything. I don’t know about the decision, that was months ago and now I’m happy that the United States realized that I could play with them. and it made me happy that they contacted me because I played with them since I was a kid. Regarding the game on April 19, it will be special, important because I have a Mexican family and there will be bets there, ”he highlighted.

I don’t think I was in the whole process, I got one or two calls, but I don’t think I was in the process. That’s all I have to say about it.”, concluded Zendejas.

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