Aitana and Yatra, photographed after spending the night together: the singer’s parents are upset


There are those who believe in second chances. And, if not, let them tell Aitana and Sebastian Yatra. Both singers confirmed their breakup last November after just over a year together and, now, after rumors of reconciliation, They have been caught leaving the artist’s house in Madrid.

The former triumph and the musician were photographed on March 12 leaving separately from the house that the young woman bought in the Spanish capital when she was still dating. Miguel Bernardeau. Around 10:00 a.m., the Colombian left the house after spending the night together and went to the airport to fly to New York, according to reports. Ten minutes.

These images confirm the information that indicated that not only had they resumed contact, but that Intimacy between them had also resurfaced. The young woman posed a few weeks ago with a Yatra sweatshirt and, in addition, they were seen enjoying a few days in Iceland. They later flew to France and spent the day at Disneyland Paris. There are those who say that they celebrated Valentine’s Day together.

Aitana’s parents are worried

Nevertheless, The young woman’s family advises her to proceed with caution. His parents don’t want him to have as bad a time as his breakup again, even bursting into tears in the middle of the concert. Furthermore, the musician declared in a recent interview that, after a year with his partner, he would feel like being unfaithful.

He told it to Vicky Martin Berrocal on his podcast, and his words generated quite a stir. “It happens to me that I say: ‘If I had a relationship for longer, I would feel like being unfaithful even if I was in love with someone,’ commented the singer, and added: ‘You are in a relationship and you start to limit yourself a lot, you go out less to party to avoid like someone Yes, at this moment in my life with the type of life I have, I have a more open way of thinking about it and I don’t see it as crazy to have at some point in my life a more open relationship than what we are used to.” In his opinion, “more energy” is spent than on being happy, so sometimes the ego leads to the “need to possess the other person.”

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