Ahsoka: Fans react to chapter four and the spectacular return of (SPOILER)

Ahsoka: Fans react to chapter four and the spectacular return of (SPOILER)


Ahsoka’s fourth chapter – 77% made it to the Disney Plus platform and fans are completely impressed. Lucasfilm once again delivers a top quality product and those most loyal to the distant galaxy are leaving their impressions on social networks. Not only has Rosario Dawson left a significant mark with this project, so has an acclaimed actor who decided to return as one of the most important characters in the entire franchise. Warning, spoilers ahead.

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Ahsoka Tano, first introduced in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is a Togruta who becomes the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader. Throughout the series, Ahsoka becomes a skilled Jedi and plays a crucial role in the Clone Wars. However, her story takes a significant turn when she faces unjust accusations and is forced to leave the Jedi Order. This event marks a turning point in her life and leads her to take her own path, exploring her destiny and defying her expectations.

Rosario Dawson at Star Wars Celebration 2023 (Source: IMG Trend)
Rosario Dawson at Star Wars Celebration 2023 (Source: IMG Trend)

After several years and long, exciting but exhaustive development, Ahsoka Tano has become a beloved character for Star Wars fans due to her evolution, bravery, and determination throughout her story. Her journey continued in other series and media, making her one of the most influential and admired characters in the Star Wars galaxy. The public’s affection for her went so far that Lucasfilm decided to give her her own series; and now fans finally got to see her reunited with someone very special.

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That’s right, Ahsoka finally meets Anakin Skyawalker during her stay in the so-called World Between Worlds. It is a mystical and enigmatic space that exists outside of conventional time and space, where portals connect different pivotal moments in Star Wars history. Characters can access this location and alter past and future events, which has the potential to change the course of the galaxy. It’s a concept that introduces elements of time and force travel, and its exact nature and implications remain a mystery in the Star Wars universe. The intriguing thing about the chapter is that after the meeting, it ends with some musical notes from the music of the Empire, suggesting that something serious is about to happen; It will be discovered in the next chapter.

the legend of anakin

The character of Anakin Skywalker is pivotal in the Star Wars universe due to his central role in the narrative. Starting out as a young slave on Tatooine and later trained as a Jedi, Anakin is a key figure in the transition from the Galactic Republic to the Empire. His story depicts the struggle between good and evil, as Anakin becomes the iconic villain Darth Vader due to his own weaknesses and Emperor Palpatine’s manipulation. Additionally, Anakin is the father of twins Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, whose actions and legacy are essential in fighting the Empire and restoring peace to the galaxy.

The importance of Anakin Skywalker lies in his complex development as a character and his influence on the entire Star Wars saga. His story highlights core themes of power, redemption, and personal choice, making his journey a cornerstone in exploring strength and morality in this epic sci-fi universe. See Hayden Christensen return as Anakin in Ahsoka It has been a pleasant surprise for the fans. You can see their reactions to the new chapter below:

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‘Hello Sabiona.’ ‘Teacher?’ ‘I didn’t expect to see you so soon.’
Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in his Clone Wars garb and talking to Ahsoka Tano in live action is literally everything to me! I’ve been waiting years for this moment!

During the aftermath everything related to Anakin almost disappeared, it was amazing to see him back now in Ahsoka, especially of course Hayden Christensen reprise. We needed this so bad! My eyes are criying.

Okay, but why would Anakin use Vader’s lightsaber instead of his own? Is Vader cheating on Ahsoka? The Vader theme at the end doesn’t help me to be less worried.

What a great day to be an Anakin Skywalker simp.

‘Hello, Smarty.’ It was at this time that my entire childhood was completed. Hayden Christensen again as Anakin Skywalker talking to Ahsoka Tano in live action has me TEARING with absolute joy. Dave Filoni you have done it.

Anakin: ‘Hello, Smarty.’ I’m ruined, Clone Wars fans ate well. Dave Filoni really delivered.

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