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Emmanuel Macron accelerates HPV vaccination campaign. Tuesday, February 28, the President of the Republic made a trip to a college in Charente to attend a vaccination session against HPV.

The opportunity for the Head of State to make an important announcement: “We are going to generalize from the next school year for the 5th grade. It will concern all 5th graders, girls and boys. This helps to avoid a lot of cancers “. According to the Élysée, this measure should allow 800,000 students per year to be protected against HPV-related cancers. A “widespread” free vaccination campaign in colleges for 5th graders. From September, it will also be possible for pharmacists, midwives and nurses to carry out prescriptions and vaccinations.

France late

There are more than 200 types of papillomaviruses including a hundred sexually transmitted. Vaccination is all the more effective when the person has not been exposed to the risk of HPV infection. Thus, it is recommended between 11 and 14 years old, and a catch-up can be offered up to 19 years old. With only 37.4% of 16-year-olds fully vaccinated in 2021, France is behind in the fight against the papillomavirus. In comparison, vaccination coverage exceeded 50% in 20 countries and 75% in 11 countries (Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, etc.).

The World Health Organization (WHO) assures that it would be possible to completely eliminate these cancers through screening and vaccination.

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