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Resultados de AEW Rampage de 07 de abril

It was Friday night and you know what that means, the second biggest show in All Elite Wrestling. This week we had interesting meetings and segments, so we are going to summarize the results of AEW Rampage for you.

AEW Rampage Results for April 7, 2023

  • Hook defeats Ethan Page by submission after applying The Redrum in the center of the ring. In this way, Hook retains the FTW Championship in a match that had the classic FTW rules. Once the fight was over, Hook did not stay with the desire and applied a Suplex Explore to Ethan Page against the table that was placed in the corner.
  • In a video package, QTV presented another episode with Aaron Solo, QT Marshall and Harley Cameron where they showed off the new car Powerhouse Hobbs has. They also stated that both QT Marshall and the TNT Champion will be the new ROH World Tag Team Champions at AEW Battle of the Belts VI.
  • The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster), accompanied by Billy Gunn, and 2Point0 (“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker), accompanied by Jake Hager defeat The Infantry (Carlie Bravo and Shawn Dean), Leon St Givanni and Bobby Orlando.
  • After the match, 2Point0 were celebrating with The Acclaimed until Jake Hager pretended to try to hug Billy Gunn and ended up knocking him down. Following this, Daddy Magic and Cool Hand quickly attacked The Acclaimed until they were knocked unconscious. Finally, the trio of JAS fighters were victorious with their hands up.
  • In a video, Swerve Strickland announced that he would be joining a group to be allies and even allowing him to be 51% owner of it. However, he indicated that he would reveal it to the public later.
  • Darby Allin defeated Lee Moriarty, accompanied by Big Bill after applying a Coffin Drop.
  • After the fight, Swerve Strickland came across Darby Allin offering him his hand and the latter gave it to him with doubts. However, Brian Cage showed up by surprise to brutally attack Darby Allin with an F-10 and they were joined by Prince Nana. Therefore, it can be confirmed that Swerve Strickland joined with The Embassy and owns 51% of the team.
  • In a face to face interview, RJ City moderated the match between Jade Cargill, accompanied by Mark Sterling, against Taya Valkyrie. This due to the conflict between them for using the same auction known as Glam Slam. Taya assured her that Jade Cargill has no right to reply to anything because that move has been used by legends and she has been in the industry for a very short time to claim something. However, Jade Cargill insulted her and told her that she doesn’t have time for her, that this is her place and all of her belongs to her. Finally, Mark Sterling assured Taya Valkyrie that he would see her in court, so Taya stated that she will meet there.
  • In the AEW Rampage Main Event, Julia Hart defeated Anna Jay AS after spitting the black liquid “Black Mist” on her, and applying the Inside Cradle to win by a count of three. In this way, the evening closes with a very interesting fight where we could see the remarkable evolution in the ring of Julia Hart and the reincorporation of Anna Jay on television after her injury.

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