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Wednesday night results from the CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore, MD.

– Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Orange Cassidy and Bandido defeated Jericho Appreciation Society (Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker). Adam Cole runs towards Chris Jericho the instant the match ends. Adam knocks Chris down and beats him until security pulls him away.

– Renee Paquette interviews Darby Allin and Jack Perry. Jungle Boy says that he and Darby may not get along, but they do have things in common. “We have been here since day one and we gave everything to get to this moment. You and I were never the main event of a PPV, and today we will change that, “says Perry. Allin says he doesn’t care how they’ll get there, they’ll be in the main event of Double or Nothing. “You or I will go with the gold,” Allin closes.

– Backstage security is seen taking Adam Cole while Chris Jericho yells at him. Britt Baker shows up to hit him and rip his shirt off.

– Blackpool Combat Club launch a message. Danielson opens by talking about “a legend” who was considered “the best of what there is, what there was, and what there will be.” He considers that you have to have a lot of ego to think that, and adds that he is the best fighter in the world today, and if he is not, one of his companions is. “But there is one thing I know: there will be fighters in the future better than me thanks to what we have built. I hope Wheeler Yuta is a better fighter than I am. That’s the difference we have with The Elite. We want to support the wrestlers, we want AEW to be the best company,” he says. Jon Moxley adds that The Elite should be grateful for what they do, and reminds them that they were innovative before, but not anymore. “Every day we become better, more dangerous. I have a number of tools and weapons that I can’t wait to show you, Kenny. I promise you that I will leave you a great mark ”, closes Mox.

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– Saraya defeated Willow Nightingale. Hikaru Shida comes running to the ring! Shida looks like she’s going to save Willow, but she hugs The Outcasts. They give Shida the spray to paint the L on Willow, but suddenly Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter appear from behind Outcasts. Shida, Baker and Hayter attack the Outcasts!

– House of Black send a message. “Any team of three fighters that wants to take us on can do them. But there are certain rules. Counts out of 20, they won’t be safe outside the ring. There will be no rope breaks, no easy ways to escape. The disqualification is under consideration, because it is fair to maintain the balance, since it is the only thing we have. Welcome to the Open House”, they close.

– Three of May Trios Battle Royale:
Varsity Athletes are eliminated
Fight Bros & El Hijo del Vikingo are eliminated
QTV are removed
Dark Order are eliminated
The Acclaimed eliminated Kip Sapian, The Butcher, and The Blade to win the match.

– Renee Paquette interviews Sammy Guevara. Before starting to speak, MJF interrupts Sammy. Guevara tells him that he left him alone last week, that there was no one in the car when he left and he refused to take him with him. Max gets emotional and says that he should have been blunt, he admits to being a bad friend and that Sammy deserves better. MJF threatens to leave, but Sammy stops him. A slight mischievous smile is seen from MJF before Sammy kisses his forehead. They talk again like great friends and hug each other.

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– Kenny Omega sends a message to Jon Moxley, accompanied by Don Callis. “Every day I get out of bed and I have the reminder of what you did to me,” Don says, showing the scar on his forehead. “You may have the strongest hands, but in a battle between your hands against this mind and Omega’s talent, you lose,” Callis says. Kenny knows that he may bleed, but at the end of the day, everything comes to an end and Moxley won’t be the last one standing. “All this effort will come to nothing. What you did to me, what you did to Don, to the Young Bucks, to Takeshita…you made it personal. This ends next week ”, closes Omega.

– Wardlow defeated Logan Laroux. Wardlow takes the floor and claims a title match against Luchasaurus right now. Christian Cage comes out with Luchasaurus and says that he could send him to the ring right now to defeat him and win the title, but that will not happen now. “Because the starting opportunity doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to me,” says Cage.

– Jay Lethal and his team arrive at Mark Briscoe’s farm. Sonjay Dutt says that she wants to apologize to him and for that they will work on the Briscoes farm. Dutt, Singh, Lethal and Jarrett work, Jeff plays the guitar, but suddenly Papa Briscoe shows up. “I know you’ve known Lethal for a while, but keep your eyes open for the other jerks,” Papa warns Mark. Lethal and Jarrett challenge FTR for the AEW Tag Team Championship at Double or Nothing.

– Ricky Starks defeated Juice Robinson. After the match, Jay White appears to attack Ricky Starks from behind. He searches for the Bladerunner but Ricky escapes to attempt the Roshambo. Juice saves his partner just in time and they both flee the ring.

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– Review of the history between Matt Hardy and The Firm, which leads to The Firm Deletion next Friday at the Hardy Compound.

– Darby Allin and Jack Perry are motivated to go out to their fight. Darby leaves earlier, MJF takes advantage of the moment that Jack is left alone to lock himself in to talk to him. “I think we can both be at the top of AEW,” says Max. “Look what I’ve done for Sammy: he never had this much money, this much fame, this much screen time. All you have to do is betray a man you don’t like so much. Jack, I love you like a brother, but you don’t have world champion material, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What I offer you is a place next to the throne”, says MJF. Perry replies angrily that he doesn’t want a place next to the throne. “I want the crown,” Jack states, saying that he will be the next champion without being a piece of trash like him. Darby enters the room and MJF leaves. Allin asks what’s wrong, Perry tells him not to worry. “We’ll make it,” Jack tries to motivate, but Darby looks suspicious. “No, I’ll make it,” Allin closes.

– Darby Allin and Jack Perry defeated Sammy Guevara and MJF after Sammy fought with MJF and was defeated shortly after.

Because of this, the match for the AEW World Championship in Double or Nothing is once again a 4way: MJF vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Jack Perry vs. Darby Allin.

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