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Adamari Lopez and Quique Usales.

Adamari Lopez and Quique Usales.

Photo: Quique Usales / Courtesy

Hours after Adamari López received the surprising news that he was left out of Telemundo and ‘Hoy Día’, his friend and colleague Quique Usales sends him a message of solidarity, while his, from now on, former colleagues remain silent.

As we told you in exclusive news, this morning, at the end of ‘Hoy Día’, Adamari was called by her bosses to human resources to inform them that from that moment on she would no longer be part of the program, and would be separated from Telemundo.

While social networks, media and fans echoed the news, unot from his colleagues and friend, Quique Usales, who was his partner in ‘Today’, and since they began the new era relocated to the noon news, He was the only one who made his solidarity public with the following wordswhich accompanied a reel with moments shared throughout these years:

“I carry you inside my heart… Your generosity, your affection, your sweetness are infinite, and your friendship is for life. The best is yet to come”.

What happened to Penélope Menchaca, Chicky Bombom, Andrea Meza or Daniel Arenas? At least publicly nothing, everyone, Until the moment of publishing this article they were silent, they did not write or share anything, just their daily activities as if nothing was happening.

However, people who work Within the production of ‘Hoy Día’, they shared with us that when Adamari went to say goodbye to her colleagues, she would have received a hug from Daniel Arenas and Penélope would have started to cry.

Will they say something this Friday or will they carry on as if nothing had happened? Although it is not officially confirmed, yes they would be thinking of starting the show with a few brief words, written and reviewed by the legal department, and a video recounting their time on the show.

Will Adamari be there tomorrow to say goodbye? No, in her exit meeting, she would have been informed that she would no longer be part of the show, and although as we told you, not even the presenter and actress herself expected to be removed, they would have agreed behind closed doors to say what it says in the reaction that Telemundo sent us when we wrote to them: that it had been a decision by mutual agreement.

What did Telemundo tell us? The next:

“After 11 years with Telemundo, Telemundo and Adamari López mutually decided that this is the opportune moment for her to leave her role as presenter of ‘Hoy Día’. Adamari has been an integral part of Telemundo’s mornings for over a decade, helping Hispanics start their day with her charming and energetic personality. Adamari is a multifaceted, highly talented television host who has been a part of numerous network specials and programs, always connecting with and serving our viewers with her charisma, authenticity, and charm. We are deeply grateful for her continued dedication to Telemundo, and we look forward to collaborating with her on future projects.“.

Why did they remove it? Beyond the official version that we have just shared with you, everything would indicate that it was part of the strategy, from the change to the new format of ‘Today’, the idea of ​​the new directors with Sandra Smester at the helm, would have been for Adamari to stay only a few months to receive his new colleagues and then take it out.

Is your contract up? No, we can confirm that Adamari still had a contract until the end of June. However, until yesterday they had not called him to renew it, and he only heard from his bosses today when they announced that he was out of it.

Let’s remember that Adamari was hired by Telemundo almost 12 years ago for her debut as the presenter of ‘Un Nuevo Día’, there he spent incredible moments like other very hard ones. Su pregnancy, the birth of Alaïa, the death of her mother, her father, the pneumonia that almost led her to death, and her separation from Toni Costa.



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