Adamari López speaks: the former host of Hoy Día assures that Alaïa has a lot of her and Toni Costa | Entertainment | The USA Print

Adamari López speaks: the former host of Hoy Día assures that Alaïa has a lot of her and Toni Costa

Just turned eight years old, it’s clear that Alaia is a mix of her parents. Adamari López and Toni Costa, but what about personality? The former presenter of “Today” assures that in her way of being her daughter she has also inherited a lot from both of them and that is why she shares the same challenge as them: learning to say things.

Who does Alaia look like?
If you stand her next to her dad she’s just like him, but also if you stand her next to me she looks a lot like me, so she has the advantage of having the best of both.

And in personality, what does each one have?
The other days I was talking with Toni in the morning, on the phone, because it was my turn to take her to school, and we were talking about things about the girl, and we ended up joking that there is a specific characteristic, in terms of feelings and that maybe sometimes it is difficult for him to express certain things.

“She has it from both of us, because sometimes for fear of hurting or not offending someone, we both keep quiet about many things and the girl inherited that from both of us.”

“That is one of the things, but it has both, the joy, the sportsmanship of the father. She has a good character, she is a good-hearted girl. I think that she has many things from both of them, she has many gestures from him, others from me, she is the perfect complement to the two”.

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What is the last thing that has surprised you?
Well, we went skiing and I tell you, she has many skills for the sport and she has turned out to be a very good skier. I obviously have been skiing longer than her, but she skis better than me.

“She dares me to go over mountains that I haven’t been and as she goes, I follow her wherever she goes, so I risk it for her.”

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