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Adamari López.

Adamari Lopez.

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Break the silence… After days of speculation and rumors about why he wasn’t on ‘Today’his had already returned from his vacation in the snow, Adamari López herself tells us exclusively that on Telemundo they did not allow her to return because she presented a false positive for COVIDand due to company policies they did not let her in.

Adamari accompanied Jacky Bracamontes to the presentation party for her cover of the exclusive publication Revista S in an event full of celebritiesand there we talked to her about everything: your holidays with Alaïa and friends in the snow, where Chiquibaby ended up having a skiing accident. Her relationship with her companions in this new stage of ‘Today’, and also He told us that he could not return to the Telemundo morning show because he gave a false positive for COVIDand although he confirmed with his doctor that he does not have the virus, by company protocol, We will not see it until this coming Monday, April 3.

Carlos Adyan, Alix Aspe, Ana Patricia Gámez, Jessica Rodríguez and Adamari López on the cover of Jacky Bracamontes of Revista SCarlos Adyan, Alix Aspe, Ana Patricia Gámez, Jessica Rodríguez and Adamari López on the cover of Jacky Bracamontes of Revista S
Carlos Adyan, Alix Aspe, Ana Patricia Gámez, Jessica Rodríguez and Adamari López on the cover of Jacky Bracamontes of Revista S. Photo: Mandy Fridmann

-We saw you a few days ago in the snow enjoying with Alaïa, with friends, how did you have a good time?

Adamari Lopez: Super good, I love going with friendsMy friend Cynthia was there with her husband Gilberto, my friend Karla (Monroig) was there, with Amanda and Tommy (Torres). From Alaïa’s school, who has been there since day care, Karina with Raimundo and Santino, who is Alaïa’s little friend, there was Chiquibaby, who broke my leg.

-That he had a bad leg!

Adamari Lopez: My God the first day!… With my goddaughter, Capriblu, and my compadre Gerardo. We had a great time, even though Chiqui hurt her leg, but we had a great time… My friend Carlitos (Pérez) was there, Lili was there, who always accompanies us to help me with Alaïa, well, we’re there sharing and enjoying a lot.

-How do you see Alaïa, who is taking more and more flight on those skis?

Adamari Lopez: super happy, This is the fourth year that I take her skiing. The first one, she was very little, she cried a lotI was not very happy; the second year I put her in a ski school, she liked itit went well. This third and fourth year has been improving a lot, now she gets into the black footsteps, as she says, and mom goes after her, even if she cocksbut he has many abilities. I think that like Toni (Costa) for things that are sporty, in that part pure dad.


Adamari Lopez: Yes, I had experience in sports when I was raised, but I don’t think I was ever that good, her more than the dance, because sometimes in the dance I find her even a little stiffer, but what is sport and music very good.

-We’ll see you back in Miami, but not on ‘Today’…

Adamari Lopez: Oh my gosh!

-What happened?… Let’s kill all the rumors.

Adamari Lopez: I arrived in Miami on Saturday morning to get used to what I had to do, because I was already starting work on Monday. I went to do the COVID test and it came out positive… I did it outside, and it came out 2 negative but I can’t go back to work, because my company’s policyis that once it comes out positive, you have to go out, and stay out, even if it comes out negative outside of your test. I don’t have COVID, but I can’t go back to work until next Monday.

Adamari LopezAdamari Lopez
Adamari Lopez. Photo: Mandy Fridman

That on Monday it’s your turn to do another test

Adamari Lopez: I have to take another test, and I’m waiting for it to come out negative, but with a doctor I know I don’t have COVID, nothing happens. If it’s persistently positive, send the doctor a letter and that’s it, they’re going to see me on Monday at the show.

-Ada, how do you feel with the new format and the new colleagues?

Adamari Lopez: I think that every opportunity given to me to continue working is excellentThat the program continues on the air, that people continue to support it, I think it’s spectacular. I think that each partner is different, but it is wonderful at the same time, we do not need to be close friends to have a good way of treating each other, when it comes to sharing. I have always had good companions, so good nothing, we are working, we are enjoying the project, we are waiting for people to continue supporting usand we are entertaining and informing every morning, giving the news about the show, Life Style, cooking… A little bit of everything, and we are having a good time.



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