Yabusele crushes Baskonia's rim in the second match of the ACB semifinals.

Yabusele crushes Baskonia's rim in the second match of the ACB semifinals.
Yabusele crushes Baskonia’s rim in the second match of the ACB semifinals.ZIPI ARAGON (EFE)

Real Madrid takes an advantage that could be almost decisive in the ACB semi-final. With two victories against Baskonia, the team from Vitoria, which is beginning to lack energy, would need to string together three wins, two at Buesa, starting on Tuesday, and in the hypothetical case of a comeback, another one at WiZink , where he has not been inspired in these last two visits. The Basque team was tired; The man from Madrid continues at cruising speed.

Laso used the trump card of solidity, in attack and defense, and once again repeated the formula that gave him victory in the first game of the series. If a couple of days ago it was in the third quarter, this time Real Madrid brought the task forward 10 minutes. He let the Baskonia cook in its own sauce. He ran, yes, as the team from Vitoria likes, but he wasted shot after shot. They insisted on the triple, but their percentage was extremely poor. Two of 13 in the first part. Giedraitis, a bomber, who played nearly 23 minutes, went scoreless after nine field goals. The whites, to their own. Physically powerful, the intimidation of Tavares, the most decisive man in the two games, allowed them two and even three shooting attempts with 11 offensive rebounds in their favor.

After a first quarter with equal forces, in which the scoreboard swung, but almost always in favor of Real Madrid, another short circuit in Baskonia’s game allowed the Whites a 13-0 run, which was quite reminiscent of 15 -0 of the first bet. Although Neven Spahija’s team reacted and added 11 consecutive points, they returned to their old ways; he preferred not to think too much, not to calm down the game, and Madrid did not forgive. Baldwin subtracted more than he added when he wanted to do things his way, and the other teammates did not dare to step forward.

In the Real everything was calm. He defended well, attacked effectively and without a defined direction because this time Llull couldn’t even get dressed. Things were going reasonably well for him. When things generally work, small bugs overlap. Poirier was not carburizing, unable to approach the performance of Tavares, immeasurable, but he was hardly noticeable in the game. Laso once again gave minutes to Juan Núñez, who celebrated his birthday and his consequent coming of age with a triple start. Everything went well for the madridistas, everything crooked for the Baskonistas, who, as Fontecchio pointed out at the break, were not capable of putting the ball in a pool.

Neither in the second part. The third quarter certified what had been seen since the beginning of the second. Three hits out of 21 shots from three for the Vitorians, 14%. Baskonia scored 15 points per quarter, only 45 with 10 minutes remaining. While Real Madrid seemed full of energy, with almost all the players in a state of grace, the faces of the Vitorians went into funeral mode when the local advantage soared to 28 points. Hanga and Rudy Fernández seemed to be playing the first game of the season; Baskonia began to drop the minutes like slabs. The game was over long before the clock said it, although that extra time outside the result served so that, after several weeks of suspension, Thomas Heurtel returned to the squad and played three minutes. Before the clash, former Madrid player Jayce Carroll was honored on the track.

Former Real Madrid player Jaycee Carroll, during the tribute this Saturday.
Former Real Madrid player Jaycee Carroll, during the tribute this Saturday. ZIPI ARAGON (EFE)

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