Aaron Rodgers happy in New York, “Being here has been like waking up in a dream” | The USA Print

Aaron Rodgers happy in New York, "Being here has been like waking up in a dream"

Aaron Rodgers is days away from starting a new NFL season with a team other than the Green Bay Packers. Well, the 39-year-old veteran will wear the New York Jets uniform this year.

The experienced quarterback will seek to guide and make the New York franchise competitive, where he has also expressed that he feels very happy to be.

“Being here has been like waking up from a dream. A beautiful dream. Sometimes you have a dream, you wake up and think; I want to go back there, but you don’t go back to the dream,” the quarterback commented in an interview for ESPN.

In addition, Rodgers showed his intentions with the New York team, which is none other than the Super Bowl “I woke up in that dream and it has been really special because I really believe that we are a team with a chance of reaching the Super Bowl“, he expressed.

Aaron Rodgers happy in New York, "Being here has been like waking up in a dream" | The USA Print
Aaron Rodgers/Getty Images

At the end of the 2022 season, Rodgers had to make a very difficult decision. Whether to continue playing or withdraw. He took three days to decide, but in the end he chose to continue and he will do so in totally different airs than the ones he was used to since 2005, when he debuted with the Packers.

“Change has been easy for me because almost every day something happens that reminds me that I’m in the right placethat I am where I am supposed to be and I love that for all that this opportunity offers me”, commented the veteran player.

Rodgers’ challenges with the Jets

The four-time NFL MVP winner joins a young, rebuilding team led by Robert Saleh that will be looking to get competitive in the league again.

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The New York franchise does not end the season with a positive record since 2015, In addition, he has not been in the playoffs since 2010 and added to the 26 years without winning the AFC East titlethe team’s new quarterback will have a lot of work to do.

The Jets will open the 2023 campaign in front of their fans at MetLife Stadium against the Buffalo Bills on September 11, where veteran Aaron Rodgers will also make his debut.

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