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Fue en 1991 cuando sufrió un accidente del cual no despertó.

It was in 1991 when a woman from Treviso, Italy, named Miriam Visintin, was in a terrible car accident on Christmas Eve, where he lost consciousness and never recovered.

Miriam had barely been married to Angelo Farina for a year and they made their home in the Vicenza area. That day, on the morning of December 24, 33 years ago, the woman was driving to her workplace, never imagining that she would suffer a serious accident.

Visintin lost control of his vehicle and ended up hitting a pillar. The firefighters, with a lot of effort, managed to rescue her from her, because she had been trapped between the irons; she also received a strong blow to the head that caused serious injuries and that he remained in a coma.

At first, Miriam stayed in a hospital, where doctors told her husband that only a miracle could bring her to her senses. Angelo never lost faith, so he opted to take her wife out of the hospital and put her in a residence, where he would have 24-hour care.

However, some time ago, Visintin had to return to the hospital, where her husband was always with her.

Finally, He passed away on May 10, due to cardiac arrest.

“I am happy for her, she is finally up, at peace and in paradise. I think she has suffered a lot during these years. We had only been married a year and a half when tragedy struck. We were young and we had many plans, he liked children very much. Fate was cruel to her, too cruel. She didn’t deserve it. I keep saying it and I will keep saying it in the future,” the husband told local media.

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