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Hortaleza street in Madrid, where the establishment in which the shooting took place is located.
Hortaleza street in Madrid, where the establishment in which the shooting took place is located.KIKE FOR

As soon as they came through the door, the bartender dropped to the floor and took cover behind the bar. Last Sunday at noon, two assailants entered an establishment in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca and fired determinedly at their target, who managed to dodge the bullets. Failing their mission, they fled the scene on the run, although one of them did not go far. Two unarmed mobility officers held him in a nearby street, as advances a newspaper information ABC, and they found in his backpack the pistol with which he had shot his victim, a 32-year-old man of Spanish nationality of Dominican origin. The detainee, alleged perpetrator of the shots, is a 17-year-old Spanish minor. The other aggressor managed to escape and the National Police is looking for him.

The bullets were lodged in the ham that was on the counter of the El Tigre bar, so the scientific police could not recover them at the time, police sources detail. The entire scene was recorded by the local security cameras, which will be key to identifying the aggressor who managed to escape from the agents. As soon as they both ran, the waiter left the premises and began to ask for help: “Police, police!” Those who were closest were two mobility agents, who held the boy on Augusto Figueroa street, just 100 meters away, until members of the Municipal Police and the National Police arrived, which is the one that arrested him and transferred him. to the Group of Minors (Grume).

A spokeswoman for the Superior Headquarters of Madrid has explained that it could be a brawl between youth gangs, although she has described it as a “hypothesis” while waiting for the investigation to progress, despite the fact that many clues point in that direction. The Information Brigade, which is the one that deals with this type of criminal groups, is the one that has taken charge of the investigations. “In the images you can see how the waiter recognizes them as soon as they enter the door and they were clearly going for him,” says a police source. Although the attack took place around a quarter past one in the afternoon, the place, which is very popular with young people due to its low prices and abundant tapas, was not full.

The latest homicide perpetrated by youth gangs also occurred at noon. The 18-year-old Alejandro Pérez, a proven member of the Dominican Don’t Play, according to the Police, was executed next to the train tracks of the Puente Alcocer station, in Villaverde, in revenge for the murder in February of another gang member in Atocha. On that occasion, the victim was stabbed after being ambushed. This time the weapon used was a real pistol, something less common in gangs due to the difficulty that exists in Spain to access a firearm.

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