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Nuevo Uso

rikishione of the legends of WWE, has announced through Instagram of the arrival in the world of professional wrestling of a new Uso, Toko Usothe older brother of Jey, Jimmy and Solo Sikoa.

A new member of the Uso family enters professional wrestling

When we talk about a Samoan family in the world of wrestling we must talk about the Anoa’i family that has led the best companies in the world of wrestling, the best exponents of this family such as The Rock, Rikishi, Yokozuna or Roman Reigns among others.

We now have three Rikishi children within WWE, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, and Solo Sikoabut a fourth brother could soon be added after Rikishi has announced the arrival in the world of wrestling of Toko Usethe older brother of the three previously mentioned.

Rikishi has made the announcement through a post on Instagram, which we leave you here:

At the moment the fighter is accepting fights in independent events and it has not been confirmed that the name of Toko Uso can be used in the shows since it could enter into litigation with The Usos who are in WWE, but it is expected that there will not be any kind of problem for the use of it due to the good relations that the Anoa’i family have with WWE.

We must be attentive to Toko’s evolution and if he ends up being a new member of The Bloodline within the company where his brothers and cousin evolve.

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