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The operation highlighted by the social network Tiktok consists of bring the hairline forward to reduce the size of the foreheadconsidered by some, as too large. Nearly 44 million people watched these videos presenting the operation. The risk of a huge, lifelong scar on top of forehead is large, without counting one possible hair loss, and this, in a permanent way according to the experts. Originally aimed at men, this operation costs between £5,000 and £7,000 and was intended for those with baldness. The theory that “a smaller forehead would rebalance the proportions of the face” is widely circulated on Tiktok, where vulnerable users worry about a problem that did not exist. To remember that the promotion of cosmetic surgery is prohibited by law in France. Advertisements, yet present on the social network promise recovery within a week, with no visible scars (source 1).

Experts say that when the skin is too tight, the supply of blood and therefore oxygen to the face is limited. Which leads to death of skin tissue and so hair loss. If the operation is failed, dead tissue may become infected and the infection can spread to the rest of the scalp, according to Dr. Greg Bran, facial plastic surgeon.

The operation lasts about three hours, surgeons cut a strip of skin on the forehead, below the hairline. Of tiny holes drilled into the skull allow metal implants to attach the bone to the skin once it is pulled forward. The wound is then sutured.

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