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Sofía Rodríguez and Leonardo Costa pose with their children, Lorenzo and Valentín, and with personnel from the National Registry of Persons.RENAPER

After days with doubt, Sofía Rodríguez downloaded on Twitter: “Tomorrow I have to go to the police so that they take my twins’ fingerprints and tell me which is which,” she wrote on March 2. “I won the mother of the year award.” Almost two weeks earlier, on February 16, she had left the hospital with her twins, Lorenzo and Valentin, who celebrated her arrival at her new house by vomiting all night. Chaos won over new parents. Without the identification tapes that were taken from them when they left the hospital and naked after a bath, it was impossible to re-identify their babies.

The story of this family from Córdoba, in central Argentina, has been followed by thousands of people in recent weeks. This Wednesday, the Minister of the Interior gave the good news. The National Registry of People (Renaper) managed to differentiate them and prevented parents from giving in to following the almost unanimous advice of social networks: “If they are so small, can’t they rename and… reset them?”

The twins Lorenzo and Valentin Costa.
The twins Lorenzo and Valentin Costa.RENAPER

“Everyone has their birth certificate, their national identity document, their medical history… their identity, basically,” Rodríguez responded to that possibility, but the plot was complicated when the police consultation could not differentiate them by their fingerprints because they still They were not in the system. The meal times of Lorenzo and Valentín, the brands of their vaccines and the variation in the weight of both were the talk of Twitter these two weeks until the National Registry of People visited their parents this Wednesday and managed to differentiate them by their biometric data. registered on the day of his birth, on January 6.

In a video that Sofía Rodríguez published this Wednesday, the Renaper authorities confirmed the identity of the babies while she and her partner, Leonardo Costa, bet on which was which. His intuition was correct and, after a month in the unknown, Lorenzo and Valentín were identified. “In the end we are not such bad parents!” Rodríguez wrote, and Twitter was able to rest again.

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