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This Michael Jordan mansion was built in the 90s.

This Michael Jordan mansion was built in the 90s.

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The mansion that Michael Jordan has in Highland Park, Illinois, continues to give him headaches. Recently the residence was invaded by a man who wanted to steal items from inside, but he was caught by the authorities before he accomplished his mission.

The man he was identified as Raiden K. Hagedom and various media claim that he is a minor. According to the Highland Park Police Department, Hagedom was charged with criminal damage to property and trespassing.

Apparently the young man managed to get out of jail after paying bail, but he will have to appear before the authorities on April 20.

This residence that Hagedom tried to rob is the same as the basketball legend has been trying to sell for over 10 years. The last thing that was known about this residence within the real estate market was in February 2022 and at that time, $14.85 million dollars was being requested.

This property is very important to Jordan and is even considered to have an important legacy, a museum of the star. For this reason, the lack of interested parties willing to pay what the former basketball player asks for the place is not understood.

The house is known as ‘Legend Point’ and was built in 1995. The main house has an extension of 32,683 square feet distributed in nine bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms, four half bathrooms, lobby, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, movie theater, cigar room, poker room, wine cellar and other luxuries.

In addition to the main house there is a garage with capacity for 14 vehicles.

Outside there are extensive green areas with a terrace, tennis court, swimming pool, spa area, golf green, basketball court and more.

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