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The doors of the Consulate General of Morocco in Madrid.
The doors of the Consulate General of Morocco in Madrid.Javier Lizón (EFE)

A few minutes past noon this Tuesday when a man stood in front of the General Consulate of Morocco in Madrid, sprayed himself with a flammable liquid, possibly gasoline, and set himself on fire. An employee of the consulate, located at number 31 Calle de Leizarán in the distinguished neighborhood of El Viso, has managed to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. A few minutes later, the Samur toilets arrived, stabilized the man and transferred him in serious condition to the La Paz hospital. He had burns on more than 30% of his body, in the absence of a more detailed assessment from the hospital.

This is a 41-year-old Moroccan man. Sources from the embassy of the African country consulted by Europa Press have reported that, at this time, they have no record of what would have caused this act, although it is being investigated whether the man had previously been in the facilities and had any administrative problem with the consulate. , near Serrano street. What is clear is that there was premeditation in the action because the man has come with the flammable liquid to that point.

The toilets have had to intubate him due to the danger that the fire would have affected his respiratory tract. At that time in the area there were several pedestrians who could not do anything to help him, since the flames were very powerful, but they have notified the emergency services to attend to the man.

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