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Guillermo Kelly with his girlfriend Miriam in San Mamés.

I can affirm it emphatically: I am a happy man. If I tell you that I love football and that I am Argentine, you may think that this happiness is due to the result of the last World Cup. But not. I am happy because a year and a half ago I met Miriam, a wonderful woman. Although football, why fool ourselves, has also had something to do with it.

The day she introduced us, at a meeting organized by a common friend, I didn’t intuit that she was such a soccer fan. It was when she started chatting on WhatsApp and, above all, when I went to visit her in Bilbao, that I realized that she took being a member of Athletic Club very seriously: she never missed the matches. So, despite being a Madridista since the days of the mythical galacticos, I became a kind of merengue agent infiltrating the stands of San Mamés. What is done for love.

Guillermo Kelly with his girlfriend Miriam in San Mamés.G.K.

The truth is that I feel very comfortable there and I love the atmosphere, which is closer to that of an Argentine soccer field. I am quite used to living with other colors: my two brothers and my parents always liked FC Barcelona more than Real Madrid.

Our life now is going back and forth from Madrid to Bilbao and from Bilbao to Madrid, the city where I work as an administrator and where I arrived almost 20 years ago (I’m 37 now). This means that many weekends she cannot religiously go to her Cathedral, but lately we have found a remedy: last week we went to see the Basque team at the Cívitas Metropolitano, against Atlético de Madrid, and after 15 days we want to repeat at the Vallecas stadium, against Rayo Vallecano.

Guillermo Kelly and his girlfriend Miriam at the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium.
Guillermo Kelly and his girlfriend Miriam at the Cívitas Metropolitano stadium.G.K.

I think Miriam and I are extremely lucky for two reasons. The first for living that intense, beautiful time, which is the beginning of a relationship. The second is that we never discuss the best plan to do together because we both think of the same thing: soccer. Believe me, meeting a woman who also loves this sport has changed my life.

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