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A former postman was arrested in Alicante for keeping more than 20,000 letters a decade ago | Valencian Community | The USA Print


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Letters piled up in the detainee's old house in Biar.
Letters piled up in the detainee’s old house in Biar.CIVIL GUARD (Europa Press)

Every morning, a man hired for a year by the Alicante Post Office left his home in Biar, a municipality located in the north of the province, near Villena. He signed in at the office, picked up the sack from the area assigned to him in the capital and distributed only the packages that corresponded to him. At the end of his working day, he returned to his house in Biar, where he accumulated the rest of the shipments, that is, official correspondence, private letters and consignment collection notices. This was the case for a year, between 2012 and 2013, after which his contract was not renewed because Correos detected irregularities in his service. A decade later, the mountain of more than 20,000 documents has been discovered in his home, which he had just sold. The temporary postman, who is currently 62 years old, was arrested last Wednesday by the Civil Guard, accused of a crime of infidelity in the custody of documents.

One of the Post Office distribution managers was the one who alerted the Villena Civil Guard, which is the one in charge of the investigation. As she related in her complaint, a builder had warned her that in a property that he had acquired in Biar and that he was reforming “he had found a large number of closed letters,” they say from the armed institute. Apparently, sources close to the investigation add, the arrested person lived in that house in Biar together with his father, who recently died. He sold the property but did not bother to empty it of its contents. And the person in charge of reforming it ran into “a multitude of full garbage bags, scattered throughout the house,” they indicate.

official citations

The construction manager asked the now detainee to empty the house, but he did not pay attention, the same sources continue. Finally, he decided to open one of the bags and was surprised to see so many sealed envelopes. A whole year of private correspondence, of official citations, of yellow papers with the notification of packages that were never delivered, he hid in dozens of garbage bags in an old house located 50 kilometers from its recipients. “There was no package,” explain the sources consulted, “because they are subject to more exhaustive registration and monitoring by the Post Office.” The builder notified the public service, which, together with the agents in charge of the investigations, classified the letters in their corporate boxes until the building’s entrance hall was packed.

The investigators examined the correspondence and consulted the “information databases related to the property,” reports the Civil Guard, and all the evidence pointed to a single suspect. It was “a former employee of the Post Office who during the years 2012 and 2013 had performed functions of delivery assistant in an area of ​​the municipality of Alicante and had also been residing at that address on the same dates,” they explain. On June 1, they proceeded to arrest the temporary postman in Biar, who was handed over to a court in Villena, which has ordered precautionary measures for the detainee. “The postal documentation found” has been deposited “temporarily in Post offices”, until the judge determines that, more than a decade later, it can be delivered to its recipients.

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