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A conscious virus in ‘La firma de Dios’, ‘Immobile Travels’ through Latin America and many books in the June ‘podcasts’ | TV | The USA Print


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apocalyptic fiction

Scientists are lost in 2024 to an evil, the Genetic Disorder Syndrome (GTS), which looks like a virus but is not transmitted by any of the known routes. It seems capricious and is devastating to humanity. This is the point with so many resonances in the present from which God’s signature (podium)the new sound fiction of Podium Podcast, a production that, due to its quality and ability to attract the listener that it shows in the first half hour, promises to make as much or more noise than the big blackoutthe first knock on Spanish sound fiction in this new era of podcast. Behind are the creator José Antonio Pérez Ledo (the big blackout Y war 3) and Teo Rodríguez (direction and that sound design that makes such a difference with hundreds of other podcast) and a solid group of actors (Ramón Barea, María Castro, among others). God’s signature It consists of eight chapters, one per week, and is completed with Dismantling ‘The Signature of God’a podcast that offers a chapter of context and analysis with experts and scientists.

The Book (and Audio) Fair

They will forgive us for our audacity, but we are going this month with two podcast of books. In this case it is fair destination, the official program of the Madrid Book Fair, a way of opening up to other audiences and bringing everything that this annual encounter with literature implies to the field of audio. Samuel Alonso Omeñaca presents a classic space divided into 26 episodes in which there are interviews for all tastes, including some institutional but well-run and unavoidable in this format. Very funny those of Juan Tallón or Jimina Sabadú, good examples of what he can give this podimo space.

Travel through Latin America

Instead of taking photos, the Colombian audio producer Laura Ubate encapsulates his memories by recording sounds. This is how she retains the happy moments of her. With them she devised the series during confinement stationary travel, evocative, intimate and designed to teleport without leaving home. She toured (and took us with her) the Brazilian beach of Ipanema, Sopó, located 40 kilometers from Bogotá, the Peruvian Andes and the jungle. There were only five chapters between 6 and 12 minutes long released in 2020 that fortunately already have a continuation. Her new destination: that warm refuge called faith, facing the Atlantic Sea of ​​Salvador de Bahía in 2018.

jump to spanish

A few months ago, the screenwriter Tomàs Fuentes posed what would happen if someone without any communicative talent launched a podcast of true crime. She started writing, directing and presenting S’ha wrote a podcast, whose narrative mixes the fashion genre with fiction and comedy. It has the participation of the actress and singer Anna Casas and the actor Pep Miràs. Everything that happens in it is a fictitious fudge. El Terrat (The Mediapro Studio), its production company, detected that the space had a particularly good reception and that it was heard in places like Mexico, so it has decided to launch it in Spanish. In principle, there will be 12 weekly deliveries that can be heard on the Podium Podcast.

In English: The New York Times Book Review

Since April 2006, the audio version of the great literary supplement is an unmissable weekly appointment for book lovers. It has undergone different stagesit is there since the beginning of time, in the first wave of podcast) and has just finished its golden age: the nine years with Pamela Paul at the helm. John Williams, one of the newspaper’s critics and a contributor to the program, has taken the baton with ambivalent criticism in its first weeks. For now, the structure is similar to that of recent years: one or two interviews that expand information on the supplement’s big bets, a non-fixed space for sector news and then a round table in which two or three critics and the presenter discuss what they are reading. A simple format that works wonders.

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