“A bottomless pit”, footballer Ferran Torres recounts his depression | The USA Print

He wasn’t doing it alone anymore. Tuesday, February 21, Ferran Torres told Catalan media that he had consulted a psychologist to help him get out of the “bottomless pit” in which he had the impression of having plunged.

“That’s when I decided to work with a psychologist. I had no confidence in myself, everything was affecting me. It was a very hard experience, very bitter, but also one of the best moments, because now, I feel stronger“, explained the FC Barcelona winger. Before adding: “People did not take into account the fact that I arrived at a complicated moment, when the team was 9th in La Liga, and that I helped qualify the club for the Champions League.

A restored balance

Today, the player found the pleasure of playing again: “I was too obsessed with the goal and the fact of not playing. Before, I only thought about scoring, even if I was not playing well. Today today I learned how to enter the lawn to to profit fromand from there, things are going as they should be.”

For him, appointments with the psychologist are now part of his balance: “Today, there are weeks when I don’t go to the shrink, and others where I go three times a week. We don’t always talk about football, we also talk about my private life.”

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