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A baroque adventure with counterfeiters

The novels that Ferran Torrent (Sedaví, 1951) has published in recent years recall those bars and casinos in town where everyone knows each other. At a separate table are Butxana and Commissioner Tordera. On the central marble table are the mythical Regino –counterfeiter–, Messié –delinquent–, El Llargo, El Gordo, el Gitano and Sara, the couple who take care of the marginal residence of Father Rafel, a red priest. Ferran Torres with his friend Marc –Torrent’s alter egos– are at the bar ordering beers. There are also occasional visitors: some kids who have painted graffiti on the wall of the cemetery on the day of the burial of the fascist mayor, agents of the Political-Social Brigade and the Criminal Police who hate each other, a wood importer from Guinea with a daughter communist, Mossad spies and even Elmyr de Hory, the famous forger of works of art, protagonist of the F for Fake (1973) by Orson Welles.

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